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Different Colored Leaves

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Different Colored Leaves + ward ' s science Recommended Grade Level(s): Appropriate for: 9–12 Grades Time Requirements: Prep Time: 15–20 minutes Activity Time: 30–45 minutes Teaching Topics & Concepts: • This activity will provide your students with hands-on experience with cellular components, photosynthesis, chromatography and hypothesis formation. • This activity would be ideally used as an inquiry follow-up for a basic leaf chromatography lab Materials: • Different colored leaves, or leaves of differing color intensity. Any mix will work, some possible examples are listed below. – Mix of Lettuce (Iceberg, Romain, radicchio etc.) – Coleus or Hosta (try different areas of leaf ) • Vials for chromatography (approx. 4" long and 1" diameter is ideal) • Disposable transfer pipet • Chromatography paper • Chromatography Solvent • Rulers • Pencils • Coins with ribbed edge (optional) Safety • Always read the SDS for all chemicals before handling them. • Wear safety glasses, gloves and lab coat or apron. • Chromatography solvent is highly flammable and toxic and should be used under a hood or with adequate ventilation ! Procedure: 1. Remove the cap from the vial. Using a disposable pipet, add 1 ml of chromatography solvent to the vial. Replace the cap and allow the chamber to sit undisturbed until needed in Step 8. This will ensure that the atmosphere within the vial is saturated with solvent vapors (equilibration). a. Do this under a fume-hood or with proper ventilation 2. Obtain a chromatography strip from your teacher. Be sure to handle the chromatography strip by the edges. Don't touch the surface of the strip. Smudges and fingerprints can interfere with the chromatography procedure. 3. Measure 1 cm from the end of your chromatography strip and draw a faint pencil line across the width of the strip. 4. With a pair of scissors, cut the corners off the strip (below the pencil line) to create a pointed tip. The pointed end of the strip will be the bottom of your chromatogram. 5. Choose a leaf and lay on top of the line you drew on the chromatography strip. Find materials for this activity at wardsci.com. Discover more free activities at wardsworld.wardsci.com

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