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Serious Business Sano Industries Built This Chevy Silverado Luxury Pre-Runner To Look Good And Handle Real Off-Road Action By Dan Sanchez Photos: ICON Media It only takes a second to appreciate the sleek lines and healthy exhaust rumble of this 2000 model Chevy Silverado pre-runner built by Sano Industries. The wide Fiberwerx fenders and low stance immediately indicate to any SCORE fan that this truck is set-up for some serious high-speed off-road action. Yet, the all-black paint and attention to detail make one cringe knowing this truck will look much different, once it’s set foot on desert terrain, but that’s what it’s designed for. While appearances matter, Sano Industries doesn’t build off-road pre-runner trucks just for looks. Their customers want some serious off-road capability to handle terrain at speed and be comfortable doing it. They started the build with a custom chassis built around a factory Chevrolet Silverado cab. To give the truck superior suspension capabilities, the team at Sano created a pre-runner front suspension system utilizing BMS spindles and fully-boxed upper and lower A-arms. Controlling the suspension are a set of King 3.5 coilover and King Kong 4.0 bypass shocks that can handle any terrain and a serious amount of high-speed abuse. Controlling the rear of the Silverado is a BMS four-link suspension with BMS trailing arms controlled by King coilover and bypass shocks. A combination of Sano-built anti-sway bars, limiting straps and King bump stops control the nine-inch style, rear axle and housing that has been strengthened with gussets and skid plates, and outfitted with 5.43 gears and 36-spline axles. Since traction is the key factor in any off-road set-up, the team at Sano decided to outfit the Silverado with a set of Tri-Ace Mark Ma Dakar Rally tires. These 39-inch diameter tires are the same models that are used in SCORE competition and will provide plenty of traction for this pre-runner. The tires are mounted on a set of Ultra 17-inch diameter beadlock wheels and utilize Jamar discs and calipers to bring the Silverado to a full stop. Although this pre-runner’s suspension is highly capable of handling fast runs across the desert, it also needs the power to keep it in motion. The Sano team ditched the factory V8 and opted for a larger displacement powerplant, a 454 cubic inch LSX that has been modified to crank out 640 horsepower and 620 lbs.-ft. of torque. Built by Wiks Racing Engines out of Las Vegas, Nevada, the engine features a GM LSX tall-deck block with Manley pistons and H-beam connecting rods. Assembled by Keoki Desea to incorporate 10:1 compression ratio and the installation of a big .648-lift camshaft, an engine like this would normally make this a wild motor, but careful tuning of a Motec fuel injection system and a Holley intake manifold, allows the engine to keep its power and run smoothly. When the engine starts, it belts out a wicked rumble, letting you know this truck has some power behind it. To get it to this point, Sano built a custom set of headers for the truck and outfitted it with 3.5-inch diameter tubing and a set of Magnaflow mufflers. With the hood detached from the body, the engine is tucked well into the chassis and set back to help balance the vehicle. Sano made a custom air intake system that extends forward and out to gather clean cool air from two large K&N cone filters. The heart of any serious pre-runner also depends on a solid drivetrain, and Sano didn’t skimp here either. A Culhane 4L80E automatic is always capable of hard abuse and this one is operated with an Art Carr shifter and uses a heavy-duty driveshaft from Drivelines Inc. While this Silverado has some hardcore off-road components, the interior is where the comfort lies, but without sacrificing it’s true purpose. Although there’s a plush headliner across the top of the cab and the Simpson seats are covered in black leather this three-seater pre-runner still has all the right components.  These include a custom dash that was made by Sano, and incorporates the Motec LCD instrument panel and controls for accessories such as the Baja Designs LED lights. On the passenger side, the dash also has a glovebox and billet air vents for the Vintage Air air conditioning system. In between the seats is a custom center console that houses the shifter, additional accessory switches, PCI race radio controls, and a Kenwood radio for communication to the rest of the crew. A third seat sits in the center of the extended cab’s back row, with every seat utilizing Simpson safety harnesses. The interior is made even more luxurious with full carpeting, LED interior lighting and the Silverado’s original power windows and door locks. The occupants can also enjoy their favorite music while pre-running by tapping into a JL Audio head unit that plays through a set of Rockford Fosgate speakers. There’s no doubt that this Chevy Silverado pre-runner is an awesome-looking truck that is more than just a showpiece. Yet, while any SCORE fan can appreciate the powertrain and suspension capabilities of the truck, it’s when you notice the details such as the perfectly plumbed brake lines, custom fabricated side panels, and smooth welds that make you take notice the build on this vehicle. Anyone looking to build a pre-runner that they’d be proud of needs to check out this vehicle up close, and get an understanding of why the bar is set pretty high.SJ

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