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TECHNOLOGY 13 6 Issue 49 / 2013 Get your GAME on! Yet another month has passed so let���s take a look at the special video games that will make you forget all about sleep, family, friends and dinner because you are going to be glued to the screen. this time, the city seems to be taken over by an encased Nanodome, created by the corrupt C.E.L.L Corporation. Within the Nanodome, nature has taken over. Where buildings and highways use to make up the city, waterfalls, forests and canyons do now. Seeing how the Crysis game saga is known for its great visuals and detail, this concrete jungle is sure to offer the player an amazing visual experience as well as nice gameplay. GEARS OF WAR: JUDGEMENT Despite to what you might expect from a new game,��� Gears of war: judgement���, actually takes place before the events of the original gears of war trilogy. In this game, you will be taken back to the most defining event of the game saga, namely ���Emergence Day���. This game will be set on dealing with the events��� immediate aftermath and joining the Kilo Squad, fighting its unstoppable enemy. STARcraft 2 Yes, finally the new instalment of the Starcraft 2 saga is upon us. With the release of Heart of the Swarm, which is set to be the expansion pack of the previous game ���Wings of Liberty���, this game will focus on Kerrigan, BLACKBERRY 10 After two years and six months of waiting, the new Blackberry operating system has finally arrived! Crysis 3 If you���ve been a fan of the previous Crysis games, you have probably been waiting for the release of Crysis 3 for a while. Players take on the role of Prophet once more as he returns to New York to complete his revenge mission. However NEW TECH! also known as the Queen of Blades, and her exploits in seeking revenge on the person who allowed for her to be abandoned on the planet Char, namely Arcturus Mengsk. The story is based 2 years after the epic Wings of Liberty campaign where we witnessed Jim Raynor���s struggle with the moral choices of trying to save the woman he once loved, fight the Zerg swarms and keep the Terran Dominion at bay. BlackBerry has created two new mobiles: Q10: Faithful to the Blackberry same old and famous keyboard. Z10: This model is completely tactile. It was created in the image of the latest trends. To promote the launch of these, Blackberry scheduled conferences all over the world. Alicia Keys was guest star in New York. The singer was placed as the creative director of the group to max out the potential success of Blackberry, and to try and catch up on the delay taken to stand up to their competitors. The phones keep their promises; fluid, pleasant to use, and easy to handle. Applications including ���the hub��� allows the user to centralise all of their messages regardless of their origin (Facebook, Twitter, Linkdlin). More than 70,000 apps are already available. The on-screen keyboard, according to several testers, is as good as the classic Blackberry keyboard.

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