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TRAVEL 25 23 7 Issue 49 / 2013 WELCOME TO MIAMI! On a Budget EATING TO VISIT Biscayne National Park Cuban Miami���s amazing underwater park with living coral reefs and sunken ship wrecks. It���s free entry and to explore the hidden treasures of Biscayne National Park you can pay for a glass-bottomed boat tour, snorkeling adventure from $30 or go scuba diving for about $70. For the real traditional feel, Puerto Sagua, 700 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach Italian For massive portions at low prices, The Big Cheese, 8080 S.W. 67 Avenue, South Miami Yoga in The Park Lunch/Snacks Want a bit of zen? Bayfront Park offers free yoga classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. World of Bacardi Museum For when you���ve got the munchies, La Sandwhicherie, South Beach right by the best sunbathing spots in the day and near to the clubs, tasty, cheap and its open until 5am/6am, brilliant. Find out more about the family behind this legendary liquor, free entry 10-4 Mon-Fri. PARTYING SLEEPING South Beach Miami International Hostel Ideally located in the Art Deco District and 5 minutes from South beach, this hostel won Hostelworld���s #1 hostel in 2009 and 2010. It also offers guests FREE breakfast, lunch and dinner. 6 person dorms from ��32 per night. The Clay Hotel If you want to experience Miami���s luxury without paying ludicrous prices, this is the one for you. Prices vary, averaging about $75 a night but its worth checking their website as they continually have deals for budget travellers. South Beach Hostel It does exactly what it says on the tin. It���s a hostel, 5 minute walk from all of the bars and clubs on South Beach. Prices from ��13 a night, its cheap and cheerful and a good place to meet other young travellers who have gone to Miami to have a good time. If you are going to spend your money on anything, spend it on hitting up the clubs at South Beach Miami. Yes they���re expensive but you only live once and you are in Miami. LIV, Metropolis, Mansion and, if you can get in, Set, are all musts. And once you���ve stumbled out of those then you need to head straight to Space, awarded world���s best club by IDMA in 2011. Space has a 24hour liquor license and it is the venue for after party sunrise raving. Carnival Miami Going since 1978 Carnival Miami celebrates all things Cuban for the first two weeks of March every year. Carnival On The Mile, the USA���s largest street festival is not to be missed on the 2nd/3rd March. Latin jazz and funk bands play throughout the day and well into the night, bringing everyone together for one big fiesta. BALI, A SURFERS PARADISE Indonesia���s best known island has waves like you���ve never seen before. If you���re a surfing addict or you have surfer friends, you would have heard about Bali for sure. With it���s miles of coast, it has beaches with a variety of wave types, from higher to lower, you can tag the beaches for the grade of difficulty of surfing its waves. But here you don���t have different colours like on skiing slopes, instead they have legends. If you hear the names Dreamland or Uluwatu you should know that these beaches have the most difficult waves, whereas Kuta Beach is the one for the beginners. In addition, the islands have a lot of delicious and really cheap restaurants where you can have a big plate of Nasi Goreng (rice with a little bit of everything) for less than a pound, and some of the best smoothies you���ll ever try, made from the islands fresh fruit. There are also cool nightclubs in Kuta ��� girls, if you like big, tanned, muscly, longhaired men, that���s the place to go, you can drink and dance til sunrise. If you are more of the cultural type, Bali has loads of Buddhist temples spreading through the island. You can make a route from Kuta Beach or Ubud (if you have a big budget) and go all the way north to Lovina Beach to see the rice fields, temples and waterfalls. Before heading back to the hotel, don���t forget to take a relaxing bath in the hot springs in the middle of the forest, it will be the most relaxing experience of your life and a good recovery after a day of surfing or trekking.

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