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HOUSE / TECHNO 25 7 Issue 49 / 2013 EW VI ER NT I MAX CHAPMAN This guy is now one of London���s top names in underground house he blasts his crunching basslines from the decks of clubs like Sankeys, Krankbrother, Creche and ETA. This year, with an upcoming set at We Are Fstvl and back to back gigs, he���s busier than ever. JOE LE GROOVE | So I heard that you only got into house music three years ago, what were you generally into before that? Absolutely nothing man, I used to go to commercialised clubs and the only reason I was going out was to pull a bird basically. I had no interest in music whatsoever, it was all just about going out and trying to pull a bird. I used to go around my mate Ryan���s loads all the time and he had a flatmate and I remember being there one day and I heard music coming out of his room. I went up to have a look and he was just working in a little studio. I had never seen anything like it. He was making drum beats and loops and stuff. I just had never seen anything like it in my life. So I asked for the software and I went travelling a week later to Australia and South-East Asia and literally while I was on boats and buses and stuff, I was just fucking about with it. I suppose Art Department have been a massive influence on you, they gave you a well-deserved boost after you did the edit of their track. Who else can you give credit to that supported your dream and helped you get to where you are right now? A lot of people, man. I first moved to the Krankbrother Agency because of Alexis Raphael. Alexis came across of one of my first tunes to come out on Electronique and he started playing them out. I was at Fabric one night and I didn���t even realise it was him playing. I never met him before he was at Wetyourself and my tune came on. I had never heard my tune getting played out in my life. So, I chatted to him after and he was like: ���I really like your tunes. Let���s have a chat to Kieran from Krankbrother and he���s taking me let���s see if we can could get you on it���. And basically, that was where all the support started coming from every direction. Like, once I joined Krankbrother I had the whole family that was on there, which was people like Cozzy D, WildKats, Artificial Colours. I became really good friends straight away with Artificial Colours. They are like my best mates there. So yeah, lots of support from them. A lot of support from WildKats and just a lot of people man. It���s so many people. Yeah, I suppose. But if you don���t see it that way for yourself though... Yesterday I was sorting out a tour and I get to go to some of the most beautiful places in the world to play music and get paid for it. You know what I mean? I���m going to Columbia, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil. I���ve never even been to South America before and I���m getting to go there and get paid for it and to do what I love, you know what I mean? I���m truly blessed. So you���re still with the Krankbrother Agency at the moment then? No I���m with the Lower Agency. On Monday I���m moving to Blueprint. The whole of the Lower Agency are merging with Blueprint. We���re gonna be called obviously a Blueprint artist. They���re taking my agent Luke, which is what I wanted because a couple of months ago, they asked to take me on Blueprint. And I said I was happy with Luke for a while and I didn���t wanna leave Luke yet, because he has worked so hard for me. Anyway, a couple of months later, they contacted Luke and said: ���Look do you want to come over and bring your artist?��� So it���s worked out perfectly and they took Luke as well. So he will be my agent on Blueprint, which is amazing Wicked. So it���s the first birthday of Resonance Records which you set up with agent AJ Cristou and Mark Horsey The label has done really well in its first year, did you expect it to do so well when you started? No, never. It was gonna be a platform for sort of like up-and-coming artists that couldn���t quite. I mean, I know how long it took me to try and sign records, man, it was so odd. It was easy the first time, because it was pot luck. I dropped a CD in Sankeys and someone picked it up. It was Simon Heslin from Electronique who picked it up and rang me the next day and signed everything on it. From there on, nothing was that easy, man. It���s just like a lot of times they don���t listen to you,when you want the bigger labels and if you���re not really affiliated, they don���t really want you. We just wanted to get tracks released. We knew they weren���t going to be our best records ever, because we were still beginners and we could always do better. But we wanted to release our music and wanted to get our names out there. But obviously we are doing better things than we thought we were and it���s turned out to be really good, you know what I mean? And now we���re getting people like DJ W!ld, we���ve got a Waff remix on there, also Cozzy D & Lee Brinx, we have an EP from Alexis Raphael, remixes from Adam Shelton, PBR Streetgang and Cozzy D has done a remix. So yeah, we���ve got some wicked shit coming, man. That���s really good you know, for the first year as well, so it���s not onwards and upwards eh? So tell us more about the actual party itself, who do you have playing? warehouse. So yeah, it���s gonna be Russ Yallop,Burnski, Max Chapman, Dale Howard, Sishi Rosch, Michael Jansons, Johhny Mikes, Igluu, AJ Christou, Horsey Brothers and a special guest. You are also playing at We Are Fstvl on the 25th of May? Yeah, thats gonna be wicked. So we���ve got Russ Yallop and Burnski, which are very good friends of mine. Yeah, so we wanted to get them on board. It was originally gonna be somewhere a bit smaller. It was just gonna be Dale Howard, Sishi Rosch, Michael Jansons, Johhny Mikes... One of my friends Kieran, who I���ve grown up with, he just started to get really, really good man, I signed some material of him. He���s doing really well. Igluu and AJ and Mark, but we decided that if we could get Sidings Warehouse - and we thought we���ve got a strong line-up anyway- we���ll just chuck two headliners on there and just take the whole I���m really looking forward to that, the line up is massive? I have the most hectic, packed two days I���ve ever had. I have five gigs in two days. Yeah, and I���ve got two on Friday 24th May and then We Are Fstvl and the after party where I���m playing at Egg. And then I���m playing at Kings Of House in South End at a Sunday. For more info Chapman.Max?fref=ts JOE LE GROOVE��S TOP 10 1. Jakkin Rabbit - Mothership feat. Robert Owens - No19 2. Steve Lawler - Avaida (The Organ Track) - Viva 3. Adam Shelton - Here Today Here Tomorrow Back To You Records 4. Another Planet - Stargazer - Planet Dust 5. Nick Curly - Glass Ceiling - Defected 6. Another Planet - Fear Of Inception - Planet Dust 7. Clayton Steele - Passion (DJ T Remix) - No19 8. Luca Serra - Weed - Chronovision 9. Mr Lefteye & Joe Le Groove Shoreditch Heights - CDR 10. Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z - Cows From Hell Lost & Found

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