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INDIE / ROCK 38 Issue 49 / 2013 GUESTLIST RECOMMENDS: WOODKID This month we���re recommending an emerging artist with an epic sound, the French producer���s debut album The Golden Age came out on the 18th March, check it out! With a successful background in directing, Yoann Lemoine, who operates as Woodkid, creates a unique sound designed to be paired with similarly stylistic visuals. Grammy-nominated shorts including Taylor Back to December (Taylor Swift), Born to Die (Lana Del Rey), Take Care (Drake & Rihanna) and Katy Perry���s Teenage Dream all owe their success to Lemoine���s distinguished directing style. It is, however, only in the last year that Lemoine has announced his desire to focus on his music career, beginning with debut album The Golden Age, which will include the already popular tracks ���Run Boy Run��� and ���Iron��� as well as lesser known tracks which are also expected to be a success in the charts. His music has also become popular through its use in ad campaigns for huge brands such as Nike, Dior, Peugeot Album of the month SOMEWHERE ELSE and Guinness. His secret, perhaps, is his use of a 30-piece orchestra to create dark, moving symphonies; reminding us of the emotionally engaging melodies that you���d normally find in films accompanying epic battles-they wouldn���t seem out of place on Braveheart or Gladiator���s soundtrack. In combination with his melancholic voice and sentimental lyrics over synths, it really gets to your soul - the more sensitive you are, the more rewarding it becomes. His ���symphonic pop��� truly accomplishes his main objective, to make his music ���as tall as a skyscraper���. A perfect example of this outstanding combination is his already released video for ���I Love You���, where we can see all Woodkid has to offer. Hats off to him! Find out more on: OUR PLAYLIST... We present you with 4 of the hottest tracks and mixes out right now... Calling all Bon Iver and Sigur R��s fans: get ready for Indians With melancholic guitars strumming along all the way and dreamy vocals, S��ren L��kke Juul share that drippy hypnotic angst we���ve grown to love in contemporaries Bon Iver and Sigur R��s, with some critics suggesting they sing from the same hymn sheet - but this is where the similarities end. The best track of the album is called ���Cakelakers���. It starts off with your standard toe-tapping guitar riffs, but with less stress on the percussion; no heavy beats or dramatic chord changes, which gives it an easy-listening vibe. This is definitely one of the overarching concepts of the album; but it has a more folksy feel than others belonging to this genre. ���La Femme��� introduces some percussion, which changes the atmosphere somewhat; we���re not cruising down the italian riveria of folk music in the height of summer anymore, we���re being uplifted in the climatic embrace of synth-pop. Each song has it���s own genre, albeit all of them dreamy and ambient sounding. Juul has developed an eclectic sound here and this album will take you to all kinds of different places. Somewhere Else is now available on iTunes. 1. Haim Send Me Down 2. Frank Ocean Pink Matter 3. Dutch Uncles Nometo 4. Cat Power Manhattan

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