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INDIE / ROCK 39 7 Issue 49 / 2013 W VIE ER T IN kodaline Hailing from Dublin, the band is made up of Steve Garrigan, Vinny May, Jason Boland and Mark Prendergast. We spoke to Steve, the lead singer of the band, about their progress so far, and in general, getting to know them a little better! BECCA TOGWELL | How did you guys meet? We grew up together, me, Mark and Vinny, who plays drums. In towns 2 minutes away from each other and we hung out, then we kind of just started playing music when we were teenagers. We were in a band when we were teenagers, we toured quite a bit but we were very young, so we kind of shied away from that. We wanted to write music that we were very emotionally connected to. So you were nominated for the BBC Sound of 2013, MTV Brand new, and on iTunes & Shazam���s tips for 2013, so how has being featured on these changed things for you? It���s really cool, I mean it hopefully gets our name out there and gets our music to the ears of more people. That���s the main thing, we���re really happy to be on those lists. You���re all from Dublin, so would it be fair to say that your music has a heavy folk influence? ���All I want��� is quite folky... that stuff and The Beatles of course, everyone likes The Beatles. Jackson Browne, Billy Joel and then some Soul stuff too we also like LCD Soundsystem. It���s really about the song for us, you know the lyrics? It���s not too much about the genre. Is there anybody around today, that you would like to collaborate with? Yeah it was good, it was cool. It was really fun, people were singing back to us that���s never really happened to us before. I think for us we get better each gig we play we learn things, and experience different crowds. We have our tour coming up in March/ April time which we���re happy about. We just love touring, full stop. Yeah that was cool, the two gigs were sold out which was pretty cool. We played in L.A. and New York, yeah it was a good vibe, Just the fact that we were sold out was cool. I mean we would���ve been happy with just 20 people turning up. We wanted to mention your music videos too. You clearly put a lot of thought ���We played in L.A. and New York, yeah it was a good vibe. Just the fact that we were sold out was cool.��� Yeah I suppose it does. I mean we���re all influenced by folk music but we���re influenced by everything... so yeah I guess it���s fair to say we are quite folky. Which modern day artists would you say you���re influenced by? I���m real old school! I like Bruce Springsteen and all I would give my left arm to collaborate with Bruce Springsteen, but that���s just me. The lads would probably say LCD Soundsystem, or someone crazy like Daft Punk. They���re gods. You played your first dates in the UK last November didn���t you? How did that go? What���s your favourite song to play live at the moment? Probably ���All I Want��� because it���s the most known song at the moment. Although ���High Hopes��� is nice too, I just really like that song. Then you played in America for the first time too, how was that? into them, they���re almost like short films, with one of them featuring Liam Cunningham from Game of Thrones and the video for ���The Answer��� is very arty. So is making the videos something you enjoy doing? We have a mate of ours called Stevie, and he did the video for ���All I Want���. Initially what we set out to do, was to make sure that our videos complement the song and at least gave a message of some sort. Stevie came up with the idea for ���All I Want���, sent out the script to us, he basically did what we hoped to do and more, it was his brainchild. He did ���High Hopes��� aswell. He is our go-to guy for the videos now. It���s funny how it happened because he���s a really small company and he���s very young. In ���All I Want��� he played the monster and directed it, when he���d never acted before and it���s his dog in the video. It���s personal for us, and it���s all very Dublin aswell, we like keeping it local y���know? (Laughs) Kodaline���s debut album A Perfect World is released on 3rd June this year. You can catch the band at one of their dates around the UK throughout March and April, playing in London at the Scala on 4th April.

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