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October 2019

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® ARCHWALL BUILDINGS DON'T SETTLE FOR JUST ANY BUILDING, CHOOSE A MERIDIAN ARCHWALL THAT'S MADE FOR YOU. Single Vegetable Buildings Double Vegetable Buildings Spud Doors External Fan House Air Void/Heated Wall Design Internal Fan House The Meridian ArchWall Building is a premium strength, engineered steel building that provides the best controlled environment for your vegetables. Meridian, our dealers, and your air company work together to custom design your fanhouses and plenums for proper ventilation, humidity, refrigeration and heating control. www.meridianmfg.com | archwall@meridianmfg.com | (800) 830-2467 At up to 120' wide, the patented Meridian Super Single is our largest, most versatile building. The Super Single is a massive single span building, achieving its size by incorporating a central interior tower structure. This design allows for two large bays, and can be designed with a shared-air plenum design or built with a unique environment for each bay. The tower also creates a safe and secure catwalk for easy access and inspection. DETAIL A SCALE 1/24 A 68' AIR VOID WALL PROJECT/CUSTOMER NAME: 68' AIR VOID WALL PART DESCRIPTION: ARCHWALL BUILDING A PART/DRAWING NUMBER: REV: 2018-11-29 SCALE: SHEET No: AGF DC DRAWN BY DATE: DRAWN BY: WEIGHT: 5971313.72 lbmass 1 OF 1 1/240 www.meridianmfg.com CHECKED BY: FABRICATION: XXX MATERIAL: THIS DRAWING IS THE EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY OF MERIDIAN MFG INC. DUPLICATION BY ANY MEANS IS PROHIBITED WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM MERIDIAN MFG INC. QTY REQUIRED: A AGF REVISION HISTORY REV DESCRIPTION DATE DESIGNER © 2019 Meridian Manufacturing Inc. Registered Trademarks used under License. (08/2019)

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