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Page 17 of 23 20 The Amver Awards 2019 Amver – the Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue programme – is open to vessels of all flags and nations and has been running since 1958. Companies participate in the programme voluntarily and make their ships available as rescue assets in emergencies. The Amver participation awards recognise vessels that have made themselves available for search and rescue throughout the previous year. The scheme returned to the UK in 2018 a er a 13-year absence, as part of the Safety at Sea Awards. Previous winners are listed on the opposite page. The move has been made possible thanks to the support of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), a long-standing supporter of the Amver Awards. "The Amver awards are a fantastic way of recognising the skills and courage of the brave men and women who go to the assistance people in peril at sea. They also honour the companies who are prepared to sacrifice their immediate commercial interests to prioritise the safety of all at sea," said David Davenport-Jones, ABS director, UK business development. "ABS is proud to support all of their efforts, which align closely with our own safety-focused mission." The agreement between Amver and Safety at Sea enhances an existing partnership: since 1997. Safety at Sea has presented a special Amver Award for Seamanship, recognising outstanding seamanship by the crew of a participating Amver ship in assisting those in peril on the sea. Details of the 2019 Amver Award for Seamanship can be found on the page opposite. "The relationship between the United States Coast Guard and British shipping is strong. With almost 400 ships earning Amver awards, the dedication of British merchant seamen and the shoreside crews who support them is stronger than ever," said Amver maritime relations director Benjamin Strong. "Merchant seafarers remain an important part of the British economy and are an integral part of the global search-and-rescue community. Congratulations to the Amver Award recipients from the United Kingdom." FormoreinformationontheAmverscheme, Amver Awards supporter SAS book of the night_2019.indd 20 SAS book of the night_2019.indd 20 28/08/2019 17:17:27 28/08/2019 17:17:27

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