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2 ORGANIC GROWER | 2020 MEDIA KIT | Visit Organic Grower at Organic Grower is the print and digital brand reaching your customers and industry influencers in the organic farming business. Our team of editors are thought leaders and information providers for organic growers, researchers, crop consultants, processors, packer/shippers and associations. The print magazine and digital presence will provide in-depth coverage of the issues most pertinent to the organic community. Organic Grower serves the field of the commercial organic fruit and vegetable industries, including: » Growers. » Packers. » Shippers. » Processors. » Extension agents. » Industry & equipment suppliers. » Researchers. » Pest control advisors. » Crop consultants. » Organic associations. » Government agencies. » Others allied to the field. Audience Distribution Organic Production Challenges* PRINT 10,000 E-NEWSLETTER 3,500 *July 2019 Readership Survey 63% Insect Control 55% Weed Control 42% Plant Nutrition/Fertilizer 39% Soil Health Disease Control 71% Produce Growers' Estimated Organic Expansion* 29% 19% 13% 10-20% 21-50% 51-100% WILL EXPAND Preference for Organic Production Information* E-Newsletter 75% Webinars – 18% Website – 19% Print Magazine 49%

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