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November 2019

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10 POTATO GROWER | NOVEMBER 2019 New Products Tong MonstaFill Box Filler Tong Engineering announces a new twin-head box filler that is already minimizing labor require- ments and almost tripling throughput for some potato shippers. Built to combine high capacity and gentle box-fill- ing, with reduced forklift movements for maxi- mum efficiency, the new MonstaFill box filler is the latest in a series of new product developments from one of the industry's leading manufacturer of vegetable handling equipment. Manufactured to gently and evenly fill 1- or 2-ton boxes, the new filler from Tong is maximizing throughput capacity for Cherry Hill Coolstores, based in Australia's northern Tasmania. Process- ing over 15,000 tons of seed potatoes annually, Cherry Hill operates between the seed grower and the commercial crop grower. Contact Tong Engineering at www.us.tongengi- neering.com. Aerial Biocontrol from UAV-IQ UAV-IQ now offers aerial biocontrol, a new inte- grated pest management service that uses drones to release beneficial biological control agents bred by Koppert Biological Systems. Drone-based aerial biocontrol offers a new way for convention- al and organic growers to combat pests, reduce the environmental impact of pesticide usage, and address a growing labor crunch. Features and benefits of drone-based aerial bio- control include: • Kills pests even when they're hiding where chemicals can't reach • More efficient distribution than traditional application techniques • Meaningful reduction of chemical pesticide use. For more information, visit www.uaviq.com/en/biocontrol. xarvio Digital Farming Solutions xarvio Digital Farming Solutions by BASF includes the xarvio Scouting app, which uses instant photo recognition to identify and map weed and disease threats in fields, enabling growers to efficiently identify threats so they can better manage their crop production. The Scouting app is powered by advanced machine learning algorithms that continually improve precision and functionality through artificial intelligence and data sharing. xarvio Scouting supports farmers in efficiently monitoring fields for diseases, weeds and leaf damage using a smartphone camera. The xarvio Scouting app is part of a suite of inde- pendent digital farming products marketed under xarvio Digital Farming Solutions. The xarvio of- fering also includes xarvio Field Manager, which combines the standard visualization of field zones with three cutting-edge features—Field Monitor, Spray Timer and Zone Spray—to provide growers and agronomists with tools to improve crop pro- duction economically and sustainably. For more information, please visit www.xarvio.com. Redox OXYCOM Calcium & diKaP Sustaining balanced plant growth during periods of increased environmental oxidative stress is key to managing the physiological demands of a maturing potato crop. The combination of diKaP and OXYCOM Calcium stimulates an increase in phenolic compound production. These antioxidants (or energy compounds) allow the plant to maximize the production of ATP, ADP during periods of increased environmental oxidative stress. The addition of phosphorus and potassium in these products sustains the energy currency of the plant while contributing to an increase in daily photosynthate production and utility. Potassium itself activates the enzymes responsible for the synthesis of starch. Starch accumulation declines when potassium is deficient; under such conditions, carbohydrates and nitrogen-based compounds accumulate, creating soft fleshy leaves that are prone to disease or fungal attack. The idea then is to keep carbohydrates and nitrogen compounds moving to sustain balanced plant growth. Contact Redox at www.redoxchem.com. G ROW I N G B E YO N D W I T H R E D OX OXYCOM Calcium diKaP G ROW I N G B E YO N D W I T H R E D OX Lockwood Air Cup S-Series Planter Lockwood Mfg. has a full lineup of planters including the industry-leading Air Cup Series for planting accuracy and consistency. GPS steering is known for being hard on kingpins; new for all 2020 rear-steering models is a ball joint system, with no kingpins and bushings. This eliminates the need to grease joints, eradicates binding, and reduces high-wear items and maintenance. By removing kingpins and bushings, S-Series planters are smoother to operate while turning going forward or backing up. Replacing the spindle, bushings, washers, spacer and grease zerks is now only a ball joint and two nuts. Lockwood continues to keep the grower in mind in its designs and engineering. Check out the entire lineup of Lockwood planters for 2020 online, at a dealership, or at a trade show. Contact Lockwood Mfg. at (800) 247-7335 or www.lockwoodmfg.com.

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