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November/December 2019

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Page 10 of 23 11 l KINZE MANUFACTURING KINZE 3700 PLANTER is planter is designed for growers who want to plant narrower rows for sugarbeets, corn and soybeans. It offers more precision, up to 99.1 percent metering accuracy as field conditions allow, and features a rugged 7×7×½-inch, two-section toolbar with 30-degree center flex up and down. Growers can cover more acres per day with a 60- foot planter toolbar, with the ability to bulk fill with a 110-bushel seed tank capacity. Growers can also maximize seed savings and have less overlap on end rows by adding the optional Kinze electric clutches. l MONOSEM, INC. (913) 438-1700 MONOSHOX AIR Monoshox Air is the newest addition to the field-proven Monoshox down force system. It utilizes and improves on the proven Monoshox shock absorber and heavy-duty linkage that has set the standard for sugarbeet planters in the United States. Monoshox Air works well in all soil conditions, and performs especially well in more adverse planting conditions. e Monoshox Air system resists compression and extents quickly to match the contours of the field. is minimizes row-unit bounce and maintains consistent depth control, resulting in even seed spacing and plant emergence. l AMITY TECHNOLOGY (701) 232-4199 SECTION CONTROL FOR AIR SEED CARTS Amity announces the availability of section control for new orders of its 3800 and 5250 air carts, providing growers with the ability to greatly reduce overlap in seed and fertilizer application. Designed to maximize benefits while simplifying use, Amity section control offers four sections and can meter up to three dry products. It supports both single and double chutes, and provides the capability to deliver all three products to the same opener. It also features turn compensation for improved rate control. e Amity system utilizes electric drives and individual meters for on/off control, as well as speed control, in contrast to hydraulic drive systems with on/off gates that are generally slower and can cause excess material to dump into the system when opened. is is a particularly significant advantage with small and higher-priced seeds. Section control retrofits for existing Amity air carts in the field will also be available in the near future. n

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