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November/December 2019

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Page 18 of 23 19 Go to and see how much you could gain by making the shift. Precision Planting ® is a registered trademark of Precision Planting LLC. ©2019 Precision Planting LLC. Shift your nutrient application to the planter and make sure it's there right when your crop needs it. Betaseed for over 20 years. Harvested seed is then transported to the world- class sugarbeet seed processing facility in Tangent, Ore. 5. Seed processing. Nearly a million pounds of sugarbeet seed is harvested and brought into seed processing for cleaning, sizing, coloring, treating, packaging and, most importantly, testing. Each seed lot is tested more than two dozen times for: • Weed seed: Did weed seed get harvested with the sugarbeet seed? A visual check is conducted on every seed lot. • Embryo presence and vitality: Through a unique X-ray system, each seed lot is checked for embryo and germ size, empty embryos (blanks), and unformed embryos • Germination: Each seed lot is checked for germination after each processing step is completed. • Genetic purity: Each seed lot is evaluated for genetic purity through molecular testing, confirming that the seed carries the intended traits • Grow-out: Each seed lot is germinated and sprayed with glyphosate to confirm the presence of the herbicide tolerance gene. • Plantability: Each seed lot is tested for plantability by running it through a modified planter test stand, simulating a grower's planter to confirm seed shape and size. 6. Seed treatments and technology. Seed treatments have greatly improved seed emergence and seedling vitality. Growers are able to use less in-furrow and/or post- emergence treatments, as seedlings are already treated to protect them during emergence and the early stages of development from Aphanomyces, Rhizoctonia and insect damage. 7. Seed packaging. Each seed lot is packaged on Betaseed's state-of- the-art automated packaging line and prepared for shipment and distribution through independent sales agents and allied industry co-op members. On-farm delivery has always been a hallmark of Betaseed's service and support to growers in direct-to-farmer regions. 8. Seed testing. A final germination test is conducted to confirm that, through the seed processing stages that each seed lot passes, all lots pass the stringent germination standards that meet or exceed seed laws. The Betaseed story is based on one simple and straightforward goal: to provide every sugarbeet grower the highest-quality genetics for maximum productivity and performance in their fields. For further information about the Betaseed brand, log on to www.betaseed. com or reach out to any of Betaseed's sales team members. n

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