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I N - D E P T H 60 NOVEMBER 2019 CONTACT watching diners enjoy their food," says Carla. They even built a special seating area for their mother (their father passed away before the second Nebo opened) near the station where Carla greets guests and the kitchen, where Christine prefers to be. "You're phenomenal with the guests and you enjoy doing that," says Christine, turning to Carla. "As for me, I like staying in the background. I'm a delegator. I love people, but I have a very difficult time going into the dining room and engaging with guests unless I really, really know them. So I like to stay in the kitchen and on the line." "It's really funny," says Carla. "While she is an introvert, Christine has much more confidence than me. She has the best ideas and she's very nervy. She'll take a chance at anything." "But I am nowhere near as nice as Carla!" Christine says, laughing. "Carla is a people person. People love her! She can talk to a wall and it will answer her back." While the sisters admit they miss the close-knit community they had at their North Shore salon, they've found a new one in their restaurant through their guests and the staff. "We used to say that our only goal when we first opened was that we wanted to be a family here," says Carla. "That's one of the most important things to us, and we've achieved that." The sisters share in the cooking and in enjoying their delicious Italian dishes.

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