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64 NOVEMBER 2019 I N - D E P T H HEALTHY CHOICES When Steve DiFillippo saw a friend lose nearly 70 pounds on the Massachusetts weight loss program Awaken 180, he was so impressed he began telling others who wanted to slim down about the regimen. In fact, DiFillippo recommended the plan to so many people that founder Paige Lopez called and asked him to promote it on the radio. "I said, 'Paige, I'd have to do the program.' So I did it and lost 35 pounds," says DiFillippo, who, despite running five miles a day, had gotten heavier over the years. "So I lost all this weight and I became a passionate spokesperson [for the program]." Awaken 180, an official partner of the Red Sox, combines coaching and a diet that cuts sugar and simple carbohydrates while focusing on vegetables, healthy fats, and proteins, such as beef, pork, eggs, and tofu. "Our nutrition programs help clients transition into the safe state of fat burn, where their bodies are able to safely and efficiently lose weight," says Lopez, who developed the program with her father, a chiropractor. "We see that men tend to lose about 4-5 pounds per week and women tend to lose about 2-3 pounds per week. To make it even easier, we can provide about 80 percent of your daily food as part of the program. This is not required, but we do see about 97 percent of our clients take advantage of our food because it is so easy and delicious." Awaken 180's foods are primarily whey and collagen protein– based snacks, such as portable packets of soup to which you add water and bottled shakes sweetened with stevia. During weekly coaching sessions, clients learn why this new eating style can produce such positive results and why their previous diet didn't work. They also receive a body composition analysis, as well as ways to adjust their diet to lose weight even when traveling, enjoying social events, and eating out at restaurants, such as Davio's. All the Davio's locations now offer a seasonal selection of Awaken 180–approved options, such as beef carpaccio with arugula, capers, lemon, and olive oil; blackened tuna steak with grilled eggplant and chive butter; and stevia- sweetened fruit sorbet. "It's a great program, and just so proven," says DiFillippo. "I sleep better and I think I'm not as moody. And I'm proud of myself. Sometimes we do all these things for everyone else, and this is one thing I did for myself." school and my father, who was an incredible motivator and salesman and took care of people." To keep that first Davio's afloat, DiFillippo devoted his life to it, working so hard it cost him his marriage. And while he's been happily remarried to Pam for 23 years and has since found a better life balance, initially, he needed to succeed. "I wanted my parents to be proud of me. I mean, who doesn't?" says DiFillippo. "I wanted to make more money than my father. His father was a street cleaner, worked in a factory, and was an immigrant. His mom was an immigrant. My dad went to college, was very educated, and did really well in life. He made money, had a beautiful house and brought up three kids. But I wanted to beat him. I wanted to have more money than my dad did." And DiFillippo triumphed. By the time he STARTING JANUARY 6TH OR 7TH 2020 Early Bird Discount $50 off BEFORE 12/25/2019 USE CODE REBOOT2020 REBOOT PROGRAM VIBRANT HEALTH IS ONLY 6-WEEKS AWAY Support Learning Accountability SEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS

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