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December 2019

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WWW.POTATOGROWER.COM 27 Lockwood Mfg. • (800) 247-7335 • www.lockwoodmfg.com Air Cup S-Series Planter Lockwood Mfg. has a full lineup of planters including the industry-leading Air Cup Series for planting accuracy and consistency. GPS steering is known for being hard on kingpins; new for all 2020 rear-steering models is a ball joint system, with no kingpins and bushings. This eliminates the need to grease joints, eradicates binding, and reduces high-wear items and maintenance. By removing kingpins and bushings, S-Series planters are smoother to operate while turning going forward or backing up. Replacing the spindle, bushings, washers, spacer and grease zerks is now only a ball joint and two nuts. Ag-Vantage, Inc. • (208) 670-1041 • www.ag-vantage.com Culti-Diker Ag-Vantage's Culti-Dikers are water conservation tools that create water-retaining pockets to prevent soil erosion, thus providing increased crop yields. The pockets formed can hold ½ to 3 gallons of water, depending on model. Culti-Dikers can be mounted to row crop planters in between the planter units or behind, depending on each grower's specific requirements. Culti-Dikers are available in several different models and sizes to meet individual needs. Culti-Dikers have been mounted onto planters, cultivators, grain drills and tool bars for the past 15 years. A proven water conservation tool when used in sugarbeets, corn, beans, potatoes, grains and other crops. Horsch • (701) 532-1000 • www.horsch.com Omnis FT Tillage Tool The Omnis FT is ideal for breaking up compaction and providing consistent soil tilth in conditions where residue has already been properly sized and distributed by the combine. A thorough horizontal fracture is accomplished by four ranks of shanks spaced on 15-inch centers with 1,800 pounds of trip force. Each shank is equipped with Horsch MulchMix shins that aggressively turn and mix soil/residue and create a uniform soil structure. The Omnis FT can work at variable depths--from 10 or 11 inches for breaking up compacted zones, to much shallower depths, depending on the desired tillage. Another noticeable feature on the Omnis FT is the large-diameter tires for transport and field operation. The Omnis FT range includes 11-foot rigid, 16-foot rigid, 21-foot rigid, 21-foot folding, and 26-foot folding versions. Spudnik Equipment Company • (208) 785-0480 • www.spudnik.com 8312 12-Row Foldable Planter Increasing efficiency and versatility for farm operations is constantly the goal of Spudnik Equipment Company. With the development of its 12-row foldable planter, a single tractor and operator can increase planting efficiency between 66 and 100 percent over an eight- or six-row planter. The foldable 12-row planter gives the flexibility to navigate obstacles in the field and plant either 12, nine, six or three rows. The increased efficiency allows the grower to better plan and manage the critical planting window for optimum plant growth and development. Paired with the 700-sack-capacity Crop Cart, overall planting efficiency is increased by reducing planter filling time.

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