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December 2019

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SALTEX Review A look back at the successful show Page 12 Product of the Year Spotlight on the new launches in 2019 Pages 13-16 Pages 17-20 Hedge & Verge Mowers Jane Carley investigates the latest machinery development Product News EMAIL: 03 03 L a n d s c a p e & A m e n i t y w w w . l a n d s c a p e a n d a m e n i t y. c o m December 2019 Special Feature Play & Activity Supplement Winners of this year's LI Awards 2019 Research reveals a skills and recruitment timebomb for groundscare industry As extreme weather - from flooding and intense storms to wildfires burning on several continents - becomes the new norm, the way we manage our landscapes is becoming even more important. Many of the winners of the 2 0 1 9 L a n d s c a p e I n s t i t u t e (LI) Awards have tackling the climate and biodiversity emergency at the heart of what they are doing. Announced at The Troxy in London, the winning projects showcase a range of crucial interventions: better managing water resources, using natural The IOG's research also reveals that the turf industry (in England and Wales alone) plays a significant role in the economy with: • A direct staffing paybill (including on-costs) of around £588 million plus the volunteers' in-kind paybill of more than £120 million; • An operating budget (including grassroots and local government contractors) of around £478 million; • A capital expenditure of around £600 million over the past five years; and • Supports almost 5,000 businesses which employ at least 37,000 people. New independent research by the Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG) has identified concerns about future opportunities to play sport on well-maintained natural turf pitches. Research findings highlight the fact that the number of young people embarking on a career in groundsmanship is in decline – and with over 40% of the workforce over the age 50, this is a worrying trend. The report also shows that investment is urgently needed in adequate training and education to ensure groundscare professionals and volunteers are able to maintain safe, quality standard pitches to allow for increased demand for sports participation now and in the future. As a result of these findings, the IOG has launched the Grounds4Sport campaign that calls on Government, sports bodies and industry to work together to bring about change, and to invest in natural turf pitches and the people who maintain them. Grounds4Sport is targeted to give natural turf sports provision the re-boot it needs. The campaign will work to create: better pitches; more investment; more and better trained and qualified groundspeople; and raise the status of the profession. According to the findings of the IOG's industry-wide survey 'Groundsmanship – Sports Vital Profession', the UK sports turf groundscare sector employs more than 26,000 people, is supported by at least 37,000 volunteers and is worth more than a staggering £1 billion a year to the economy. But the research also highlights areas of concern that, if not addressed, are a ticking time bomb for the industry. "Local authority austerity and budget cuts have had, and continue to have, a damaging effect on grassroots grass pitches," says the IOG's chief executive Geoff Webb. "The steady deterioration in the quality and the overplay of many pitches is impacting on the playing programmes of some sports. "The research findings show that two of every five grounds professionals are over 50 years old and 20% of those could retire within five years. With less than one in five groundscare staff below the age of 30 and our discovery that some employers are choosing not to recruit new, replacement staff when an existing member leaves or retires, we have a crisis looming. "The time bomb issue doesn't just apply to professionals. "Our research identified that over two thirds of community grounds volunteers are over 60 and almost all are over 50. "We applaud the commitment of these volunteers, and we are grateful of the support of our partners The Football Association, the Football Foundation and the England & Wales Cricket Board, but volunteers need more help, support and training." Insititue of Groundsmanship methods to mitigate hurricane damage, reclaiming streets and green spaces, improving air quality, connecting our communities and restoring habitats. Alongside the winners, Sir David Attenborough also attended the ceremony, where he was awarded the Landscape Institute Medal, recognising his phenomenal contribution to educating and to connecting people, place and nature over multiple generations. Sir David was also awarded Honorary Fellowship of the LI. Landscape Institute Etesia chose SALTEX to officially launch the new Hydro 80 MKHP5 ride-on mower ahead of its official 2020 release. The Hydro 80 MKHP5 can cut and collect in all conditions with the added benefit of a differential lock. The new model joins the popular Hydro 80 range and will give operators extra traction and stability on difficult, uneven and undulating terrain by reducing wheel spin, reducing damage to the grass and aid in cutting presentation. The versatile mower also benefits from a mulching insert included as standard. The 80cm cutting width, 240 litre collecting box and impressive Etesia launch new Hydro 80 Kawasaki FS481H 11.7 kW engine give it the cutting performance and raw power to impress while operating. Thanks to a range of additional accessories including a snow plough, users are able to extend the versatility of the machine so that it is ready for any scenario 365-days-a-year. The Hydro 80 MKHP5 cuts and collects both long and short grass - without clogging. Etesia King Feeders UK Eco Green Composting Equipment Innovative Technology 01260 223 273

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