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PRODUCT FOCUS Corvette Supercharger Large-Frame Turbos Precision Turbo & Engine, Hebron, Ind., offers its dual ceramic ball-bearing largeframe Competition Engineered Aerodynamics (CEA) turbochargers. All of Precision's large-frame CEA-equipped turbos will now come standard as ball-bearing units. In addition to reduced turbo lag and faster transient response, durability and longevity are also improved with the ball bearing CHRA, thanks in part to stronger and more robust materials. Cummins Upgraded Turbo High Tech Turbo, Salt Lake City, presents its 2003-'12 Cummins Upgraded Turbo, a complete drop-in replacement turbocharger that offers improved fuel mileage, better power and cooler temperatures while maintaining all OEM emissions equipment. The 2003-'07 5.9-liter and 2007.5-'12 6.7-liter turbochargers are offered in two stages and use genuine Holset parts. Designed for stock and mildly tuned applications, they increase power and lower exhaust gas temperatures without sacrificing spool-up time, Turbo Insulating Cover & Kit Thermo-Tec Automotive Products, Greenwich, Ohio, presents its Universal Turbo Insulating Cover, designed to protect and improve performance of the turbo by keeping it spooled up, thereby virtually eliminating turbo lag. The Turbo Insulator comes in one size and will fit any turbine for any vehicle including trucks and SUVs. The complete turbo insulating kit includes the insulating cover plus a roll of exhaust insulating wrap for the down-pipe. The kits have been shown to increase torque, horsepower, eliminate turbo lag and reduce radiant heat. Magnuson Products,Ventura, Calif., presents its TVS2300 Heartbeat supercharger kit for Corvettes, the latest in its GM superchargers line. The completely under-hood Corvette kit has been shown to produce 638 hp at the crank and 542 hp at the rear wheels, as reported by Davenport Motorsports in Calgary, Canada. Billet Compressor Wheels Turbonetics Inc., Moorpark, Calif., presents its new Billet GT-K line of turbos featuring allnew billet compressor wheels. The premium turbochargers cover the 325- to 1,050hp power range with HPC forged billet aluminum compressor wheels in the newly developed GT-K 600, 700, 750, 850 and 1050 turbochargers. The HPC (High Pressure Competition) compressor wheels provide greater efficiency and airflow and are machined from forged blanks instead of standard bar stock. The turbos include a brushed satin finish on the compressor housing. Swing-Arm Blower Drive Weiand, Bowling Green, Ky., a Holley Performance Products brand, presents its vintage "swing-arm" style blower drive for the company's 6-71 Series Supercharger system. The drive style gained notoriety as the standard choice for frontengine dragsters, gassers and altereds of the 1960s, as well as on Mel Gibson's Interceptor Coupe during the 1970s cult classic movie Mad Max. The drive is composed of cast aluminum and comes complete with matching pulleys. The kit includes the cover, idler arm, idler pulley and fasteners. 18 n Performance Business PBMAY 2.indd 18 n May 2013 3/29/13 9:54 AM

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