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"It may seem obvious, but you have to have counter people with good technical knowledge," says Mealey. "The technical knowledge that racers themselves have is a pretty broad spectrum from good to not-so-good. A good, knowledgeable counterperson can help them get the right parts and keep them coming back for more. Beyond that, you have to keep a constant watch on your inventory. Circle track racers can rarely wait long for a part, so it needs to be on the shelf when they need it." (Photos courtesy KRC Power Steering) 24 n Performance Business PBMAY 2.indd 24 n What to Watch For Even with a positive start to the season, however, there are factors that could affect this year's circle track market—from gas prices, to weather, to back-ordered parts. Our experts encourage shops to plan accordingly. "Gas prices are always a factor," says Holley's Tichenor. "When they go up, racers tend to stay closer to home— not just because of race gas prices, but also the cost of fuel to tow their car as well." Mallory's Fordyce agrees, but with a twist. "As we've seen in the last several years, fuel prices and the economy play a huge role in discretionary spending. Racers will always find a way to race, but they may limit the number of events. This mainly affects consumable products. Fans, however, may forgo the trek to an event to save money and therefore not see a new product they can't live without." Depending on the complexity and demand for a particular product, having what racers need when they need it is always a challenge. "I have heard from a few chassis vendors that they have been having issues getting the parts they needed, because they are on backorder," explains Sieveke. "Availability of quality parts could potentially influence May 2013 3/29/13 2:57 PM

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