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I would caution shops not to be too cautious this year by racers and manufacturers. Mealey likes looking keeping their invenLuckily for Tiger Quick at the big picture. tory down. Change, we make every"I think the single thing we can ourselves in most important thing to the machine shop onsite remember is that every right here in Mount Ulla, N.C." circle track racer represents more repeat Usually in this section, we are discussbusiness than most other types of racing ing the economy. Could recessionary or street performance. Be sure to maintain trends finally be behind us? a good relationship with the racers in this Count KRC Power Steering's Mealey market and you'll see strong, consistent among those who are seeing thing getting sales." better. Schroeder says success is a byproduct "It looks like we're past the economic of becoming part of your local oval track downturn and things are finally starting to community. improve," he says. "I would caution shops "One successful technique that can not to be too cautious this year by keepbe used to establish long-term relationing their inventory down. That can cost ships with racers is listening and addresssales in the circle track market that can't ing their needs and proving to them that be recovered and, worse, you could lose a you know something about their sport by customer with a substantial lifetime value." being involved or reading up on the difAnd Moroso's Schroeder reminds us ferent series and classes," he says. "Another that there are some outside factors that technique is attending races as a shop and can work in favor of a strong selling season. being involved with the sport." "Positive influences that will help this This approach lends credibility and year's race season are great weather with builds a rapport with competitors. few rainouts; gas prices that stay where "From the customer's viewpoint, it they are or even drop; and a stock market separates the shop that just treats their that stays strong." business as a business to one that mixes business with their passion," he explains. Taking Advantage "A shop that is involved with racing does Finally, we nudged our sources for some add credibility in the customer's eyes. It successful sales strategies shops can use to elevates the business from one that just increase profits from this client base. sells parts to one that has a specialist or Sieveke says, "Our sales strategy is specialists to help in the buying process. If simple. We focus our marketing efforts on it's not possible to have a shop race car or what separates our product from the comto go to the track every weekend, it could petition. We also work hard to make sure be as simple as sponsoring local racers with we have the products on the shelf when a discount on parts and having pictures of the customer needs them. Our markettheir cars in the store." ing strategy and product are geared more So, Tichenor says, get out there and toward the racer that is looking for the best start selling to circle track racers. Literally. product available to increase horsepower "I have seen successful shops actually and speed, and the quality and perforhave a trailer stocked with parts and take mance of our quick-change reflects that." it around to the local tracks. You will get Competing on price alone can be a to know the racers and what they need. losing proposition for serious shops, makIf they expect you, they will save their ing your service and know-how vitally purchases until they see you and the part important. firsthand. It is a great way to sell things "Knowledge of the products and marlike carb tuning parts, gaskets, plumbing ket (help shops) eliminate the shopping for parts, shocks, etc." price factor and increase your profits," says And a great way to tap into this lucraFordyce. "Offer experience and knowledge tive market that only appears to be going with every sale." in circles. May 2013 PBMAY 2.indd 25 n Performance Business n 25 3/29/13 2:58 PM

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