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since Day One, his daughter Camille has been with the business full-time since she started a family of her own and his son has been assembling engines since "he was big enough to hold a wrench." "I'm hoping that my son will stay in it a long time—certainly as long as I have, not that I plan on retiring anytime soon," he says. "Jeff handles much of the day-to-day operation of the business. He also knows his way around the racetrack. He was an accomplished driver on dirt tracks, winning his share of races in go-karts, midgets and mini-Sprints. He has gained the respect of those in the industry, and many customers and vendors rely on him." Dorton volunteers at a local detention center in his spare time and teaches an engine-building class for boys ages 12 to 18. He encourages the boys to enter into a career they like, so they can enjoy going to work on a daily basis as much as he does. In addition to working with local youth, Automotive Specialists establishes positive relationships with local racetracks and is active with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. "I was diagnosed with MS in 1980, and with that disease there are a lot of ups and downs. So over the years, we've been active in raising money for them." Over the last eight years, the shop has raised more than $250,000 for the National MS Society. And when Dorton was in remission six to eight years ago, he participated in 150-mile bike rides for the cause. Similar to race cars that support certain charities, Dorton got manufacturers involved and advertised on his bike jersey. Automotive Specialists' successes over the course of 48 years might be plentiful, but Dorton says his biggest accomplishment might just be the simple fact that he's managed to stay in business so long. He says his friend Smokey Yunick, a racer, builder and International Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee, said it best: "He told me, 'I'll tell you something. I've done some checking into it and as far as I can tell, you've outlasted everybody as far as being an engine builder and race engine builder without any outside help.' I'm proud of that." Engine Pro's New NITRO Black Racing Rings Outlast the Competition • Top ring and oil ring faces coated with ceramic PVD for superior scuff and heat resistance • Top ring and oil rings made of gas nitride hardened stainless steel • Second ring made of ductile iron with Napier profile for optimum oil scraping ability • Compatible with all racing fuels and injections For more information go to May 2013 PBMAY 2.indd 31 n Performance Business n 31 3/29/13 10:20 AM

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