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I truly believe that for any speed shop, distributor or engine shop, the value of your business is in the people you have. PB: What's the biggest challenge? LSJ: I can't be all the places I want to be all the time. I'm still waiting for them to invent that thing from Star Trek, so I can beam to Iowa and beam myself home to dinner with my family and then beam myself somewhere to interact with customers. PB: How do you see the current state of the performance aftermarket? LSJ: We just had our best two months back-to-back we've ever had. All the machine shops I've been in in the last two months are busy. A guy said yesterday that business is back to what it was four years ago before the recession. PB: So, where do you think the industry will be in 10 years? LSJ: No one has a crystal ball and this industry constantly changes. Somebody's going to race something—it's always about who can find that next thing. That's the fun, being at the leading edge, trying to find that next thing. It makes you want to get up in the morning and get inside an engine. so being the first to market with the best product incorporates those changes. Things are always ebbing and flowing, and we respond by delivering so our customer wins races. There's no better feeling than seeing your customer succeed. PB: Which professional accomplishment are you most proud of? LSJ: Achieving the certifications I have in the lubricant industry, because I'm the only one who has done it without coming from a chemical background. Most of my peers are chemical engineers or have a chemical background. I'm the guy that grew up from a race team and had to be self-taught. PB: As a final question, what's your advice for speed shops seeking long-term success in the performance aftermarket? LSJ: Relationships. It's not about me; it's about our team. Teams are built around relationships. Joe Gibbs taught me that. People win championships. I truly believe that for any speed shop, distributor or engine shop, the value of your business is in the people you have. If you have the right people, all the other stuff flows from that. PB: What's your next big goal to achieve? LSJ: There are a few more certifications out there, but the next big goal is for us as a team in product development. Rules change and technologies change, May 2013 PBMAY 2.indd 35 n Performance Business n 35 3/29/13 10:23 AM

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