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Having a skilled dyno operator who is also good at selling can increase parts sales. (Photo courtesy SuperFlow Dynamometers & Flowbenches) provide instantaneous reaction times and are best used to simulate the inertia associated with different types of driving cycles (required for emissions-style testing). New technology is affecting the dyno market by … … above all, these dynamometers have the ability to motor your test engine. In addition to providing convenient engine starting, motoring allows for testing friction losses. This is why these systems are a must-have tool for serious performance shops. This is what progress looks like. Introducing Dynocom's next generation of high performance dynos. The all new 15,000 Series dynamometer is the world's most sophisticated, technologically advanced and most powerful dyno in its class. Standard with stainless steel, stabilizer rollers, integrated thermostatically controlled high flow fan which cools the massive eddy brake and provides constant airflow over the load cell for constant and repeatable results. The new hybrid frame allows for more stability and smoother operation. Standard with integrated LED work lighting and integrated PAU digital controller for true Plug & Play operation. Each roller is balanced to a minimum of a ISO 6.3g specification. Made In The USA. Toll Free US/Canada: 1 (866) 436-DYNO International 1 (817) 284-8844 38 n Performance Business PBMAY 2.indd 38 n Smart shops use dyno test results to increase business by … … today's fuel efficiency requirements mandate that all engine developers try to reduce parasitic losses (i.e. friction), whether it be through the driveline or engine components. If friction can be reduced, that translates to more available power to the rear wheels and increased efficiency. An added bonus for shops offering dyno services is … … shops offering AC dyno services have the ability to use the power produced by the motor while it is operating in generator (load) mode and return it to the electrical grid via a regenerative unit. Regeneration can use the test engine's power to actually lower your shop's monthly electric bill. This is something that a standard water-brake or eddy-current absorber cannot do. May 2013 3/29/13 10:28 AM

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