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SuperFlow Dynamometers & Flowbenches Des Moines, Iowa Mike Giles Marketing Manager Our hottest new dyno product is … … the refined SF-Blackwidow. It's a dynamometer we launched in 2010, but recently made several enhancements that took it from a custom, application-specific dynamometer to a turnkey piece for highhorsepower and high-torque engines. We added the Boom system found on both the SF-902S and SF-Powermark dynamometers, added an integrated dual starter and standardized on the same driveshaft and adapter system used on the SF-Powermark so they are easier to build and they offer more available options for different testing needs. We also changed the water system to enhance control and repeatability. (Photo courtesy SuperFlow Dynamometers & Flowbenches) Its best features include … … its versatility. We use it in many different applications, ranging from performance diesels to Pro Mod motors. The absorber itself has incredible low-end torque capacity, but can still spin to 11,000 rpm intermittently, so the high-power Pro Mod engines are also a great fit. New technology is affecting the dyno market by … … demanding more integration between the dynamometer controls and software and ECUs. We've got some really exciting things to announce in this area in the next quarter. Dynos are a must-have tool for serious performance shops because … … there are a couple of good reasons to have a dyno. One, they offer credibility to the shop, allowing it to instantly prove its worth by backing up performance upgrades with proof. Secondly, they are a profit center if advertised correctly. We've got engine and chassis dyno customers that are booked months in advance for dyno services. An added bonus for shops offering dyno services is … … up-selling power adders. This is a common thing many shops don't pay attention to, but having a skilled dyno operator with some sales savvy can really increase parts sales. May 2013 PBMAY 2.indd 39 n Performance Business n 39 3/29/13 10:29 AM

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