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(Photo courtesy Dynocom Industries) Dynocom Industries Fort Worth, Texas Allison Blackstein COO … the same way ever-changing technology affects the rest of the world. For example, our latest software runs on Windows 8. Our hottest new dynamometer product is … … Dyno X. New for 2013, Dyno X is an affordable dynamometer that includes load control. The new VS (Value Series) lineup of dynamometers is low on price but high on features. You can tune on them with Steady State graphing, the Auto Weather Station automatically compensates for temperature, pressure and humidity variations, and their compact footprint allows convenience of positioning in both smaller workshops and a home garage. Power capabilities are 0.5- to 800-plus max horsepower and 600-hp steady state max speed of 155 mph. They feature industry-standard knurled rollers and are also available in AWD. Its best features include … … price! And they are made in the U.S. New technology is affecting the dyno market by … 40 n Performance Business PBMAY 2.indd 40 n Customers love when dyno results prove their performance. (Photos courtesy Stuska Dynamometer) Dynos are a must-have tool for serious performance shops because … … you can't go 240 mph on the street without getting a ticket. Smart shops use dyno test results to increase business by … … selling more products. Just show customers before-and-after graphs. An added bonus for shops offering dyno services is … … drivability. Even if there is 6 feet of snow on the ground, you can still test and tune on the dyno. Stuska Dynamometer Sussex, Wis. Steve Huelsbeck Sales Manager Our hottest new dynamometer product is … … Stuska Power Pro operators can now retrofit their existing system and add 16 more sensor inputs. This has been largely driven by the increased use of multiple O2 sensors. This includes four more pressures. Battery voltage can be recorded and we can work with a variety of third-party sensors. Along those same lines, last year we upgraded 20-year-old data systems for several customers. This enables them to operate their older-style control panel data system through a computer and take advantage of most all of the features in our Power Pro Data Acquisition software. At some later date they can update electronics and enjoy the rest of the current features and technology. We have also made a few small changes with hardware and the Track Master frame. We build most everything ourselves here at Power Test Inc. Our employees are on the lookout, with skills and new ideas for continually improving our manufacturing process. And as long as I am talking about our team, Stuska Dynamometer is proud to congratulate all Power Test employees for winning the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year award! May 2013 3/29/13 10:30 AM

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