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A dynamometer helps bring professionalism into any shop, just like an X-ray machine will do for a doctor's office. (Photos courtesy Mustang Dynamometer) Mustang Dynamometer Twinsburg, Ohio Scott Sobie Account Manager Our hottest new dynamometer product is … … the AWD-150 Series. (Photos courtesy Stuska Dynamometer) 42 n Performance Business PBMAY 2.indd 42 n Its best features include … … the AWD-150 series is based on our well-known and very popular AWD-500 mechanically linked series, but streamlined to decrease cost and the overall physical footprint. The AWD-150 has been on the market for over a year and the response has been extremely positive, especially since it offers a non-linear load control system that allows the user to perform true road load simulations. This technology is accomplished with Mustang Dynamometer's exclusive closedloop control system, and Powerdyne software that allows the user to tune the cars properly right there in their shop, safely on the dyne instead of out on the roads. You can also tune the vehicle for optimal 1/8- and 1/4-mile drag racing, or even other types of racing like the Texas Mile. Because the Powerdyne software allows for the actual vehicle weight and horsepower at 50 mph to be entered, it then allows the vehicle to be loaded correctly just like it would be if it was accelerating down the track, due to the wind coefficients being applied. Most of these systems are being installed above-ground using our new lightweight composite ramps, which save the customer the expense of having to construct a pit. Our customers have been tuning cars well over 1,000 hp, and the AWD linkage maintains speeds at both axles. New technology is affecting the dyno market by … … today's vehicles are getting smarter, and they can truly sense whether they are May 2013 3/29/13 10:36 AM

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