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Without the tuner, the dynamometer is useless and vice-versa. on the road or not, and some vehicles will actually go into a limp mode if it is not sensing that it is on the road. This will make tuning on a dyne impossible, and you will be forced to then go street-tune. Mustang Dynamometer's advanced engineering department helps put an end to street tuning by synchronizing the two beds via mechanical linkage. This technology in combination with Mustang's nonlinear load control system and Powerdyne software helps to make these smarter vehicles think they are actually on the road. This technology also assists with the older (less intelligent) vehicles as well. Dynos are a must-have tool for serious performance shops because … … a dynamometer helps bring professionalism into any shop, just like an X-ray machine will do for a doctor's office. Mustang dynamometers have been and continue to be the key to bridging the gap between delivering performance parts and delivering performance. Our clients use our product every day and it really is an extension of the professional tuner's skill sets—without the tuner, the dynamometer is useless and vice-versa. The Mustang dyno allows a professional tuner to deliver his or her skills to the marketplace by harnessing their knowledge and translating it into automotive performance for their customers. Smart shops use dyno test results to increase business by … … leveraging skills sets and knowledge. In a competitive marketplace the better, more experienced professional has to communicate their strengths to customers in a variety of ways. The dyno is only one way, but it is probably the most important. The Mustang dyno serves two purposes really, one being to provide for a means to tune a vehicle safely and properly. It also provides a means to validate the work that was done and to show actual, tangible results. Our clients know these results translate to the real world, and this is the desired advertising—a happy client with a very fast car. An added bonus for shops offering dyno services is … … the ability to market services to other shops that have not yet made the financial decision to obtain their own dynamometer. Business-to-business marketing is an excellent means to stabilize revenue, and it is also an excellent networking opportunity. Plus, a Mustang Dynamometer chassis dynamometer system with its state-of-theart Powerdyne software also allows shops to solicit fleet accounts for diagnostics, and validations of such things like meter drops for taxi companies, or speedometer accuracy for AAA or police departments. May 2013 PBMAY 2.indd 43 n Performance Business n 43 3/29/13 10:40 AM

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