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It's an important mission that isn't taken lightly. "Selling quality products meeting the appropriate standards at competitive prices will provide consumers and others with a critically important level of confidence that the safety-related products they purchase are proven to be capable of performing the functions for which they're designed and manufactured," notes Mike Hurst, SFI technical manager. A Proud Heritage SFI traces its roots all the way back to 1963 and the formation of the Speed Equipment Manufacturers Association, which is now known as the Specialty Equipment Market Association or SEMA. At the time, one of the group's main goals was to establish product specifications that racing equipment manufacturers could follow, according to Carl Olson, SFI motorsports manager. "Many unknowns faced the innovative entrepreneurs in areas of design criteria, testing and promulgation of specifications. But their dedication to the industry and racing won out and it wasn't long before the specifications were accepted and formed a part of sanctioning body rulebooks," he explains. "Eventually, if certain products on a vehicle didn't meet 'SEMA specs,' the owner could be denied participation in a motorsports event. A specs program for the performance products industry was born, and has continued for many years as a result of the determination of the founders of SEMA." Approximately a decade later, the specifications effort became the responsibility of the SEMA Service Bureau, a group that was later replaced by the SEMA Foundation Inc. or SFI. The organization now operates independently of SEMA, but works closely with the association and its members. Over the years, SFI has developed programs for nearly 80 different products used by manufacturers, motorsports groups and consumers worldwide. A recent success story involves the SFI 39.1 Stock Car Type Racing Seats (Custom) program. "With the 2007 inception of SFI 39.1, these manufacturers—already capable of producing high-quality products—had a formal structural strength goal where none had existed before," SFI currently has formal working relationships with more than 200 motorsports sanctioning bodies, clubs and facilities worldwide—a number that continues to grow as new forms of competition emerge. (Right) Carl Olson, SFI Motorsports Manager PROVEN PERFORMANCE GENERATES PROFITS! ThE hIghEST QUALITy WET, DRy AND DIESEL SySTEMS AND ACCESSORIES •Precision machined components •Solenoids with Viton® & Teflon® seals •Weather Pack connectors •Solenoids feature an industry exclusive LIfETImE WARRANTy BIG POWER GAINS! 1-800-264-9472 DISTRIBUTOR AND DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME May 2013 PBMAY 2.indd 45 n Performance Business n 45 3/29/13 10:43 AM

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