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What's In It for You? Understanding SFI certification and knowing which products are approved for which competitions can offer speed shops a sales advantage. "The ongoing evolution of the retail marketplace from brick-and-mortar speed shops to mail order to online purchases has reduced or in some cases eliminated the access of consumers to the knowledge of highly experienced and well-trained sales personnel," Olson says. "In the past, these professionals have guided their customers to the wisest possible choices in the purchase of high-performance and, specifically, safety-related equipment." These days, he says, it's becoming more difficult for racers to make well-informed choices. "Wholesale and retail outlets that do the best job of consumer education—be it in a store, in a printed catalog or online— "SFI views its specifications as living documents that continuously adapt as needed to the ever-changing motorsports environment." —Jennifer Faye, SPI Vice President will be well-positioned to take advantage of the inevitable demand for these kinds of products and services." Offering certified products and understanding the SFI process sets up shops as experts that customers can rely on. "In any business, if you know your market well, you have an advantage over your competitors. For speed shops and other retail outlets, the market is the race venue, and knowing the rules under which their customers compete is critical," Olson says. "If race shops are knowledgeable in the SFI certifications needed for the various types of racing that they service, they can help their customers navigate through them. If the shop successfully supplies them with the appropriate certified equipment and helps guide them in maintaining items that have a recertification life, then they will no doubt gain and retain many loyal customers." And so, SFI will carry on with its mission to ensure the quality and safety of aftermarket components. "Much time and effort has been invested in creating laboratory test standards that, to the extent possible, mimic the in-field performance of these products in reducing or eliminating accidents, injuries, fatalities, insurance claims and litigation," Olson says. "The critical importance of compliance with accepted industrywide standards for safety-related products to all parties concerned—manufacturers, motorsports sanctioning bodies, wholesalers, retailers and most importantly, consumers—cannot be overstated." In other words, it's serious business. When it comes to building engines, time definitely equals money. Moroso products, tools and accessories are designed with the input of top racers and engine builders to solve your real-world demands. At Moroso, we sweat the details, so when it comes to building your engine, you don't have to. American ingenuity and integrity, since 1968. Guilford, CT • 203.453.6571 • Tech Line 203.458.0542 May 2013 PBMAY 2.indd 47 n Performance Business n 47 3/29/13 10:47 AM

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