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n Performance Products G-Body Front Brake Kits Tube Straightener BrakeQuip LLC, Knoxville, Tenn., introduces a new and improved version of its Tube Straightener. The BQ1028 tube straightener has specially designed rollers that reduce the risk of ovality in the tube. The rollers are made from a hard plastic material that doesn't mark the tube, which is important when working with stainless steel. It mounts into a vice or can be bracket-mounted, and straightens coiled tubing from 3/16to 1/2-inch metal tube including stainless. The unit is fully adjustable and gives a professional result. Data-Logging Features Edge Products, Ogden, Utah, presents its latest software version for the CS and CTS platform. Now available through Edge's Fusion Internet update tool, the advanced software adds new data-logging features that allow customers to log and graph data to monitor and manage their vehicle's performance. The all-new software will also enable an Insight CS and CTS product to control Smarty's Power-On-Demand feature. Insight CS and CTS customers have the ability to control Smarty Power-On-Demand with the touch of a button. 56 n Performance Business PBMAY 2.indd 56 n Wilwood Disc Brakes, Camarillo, Calif., introduces a new front disc brake kit for the 1980-'87 General Motors G-Body Disc Spindle. Offering upgrades for street and track use, the kits feature forged billet DynaPro 6-piston differential bore calipers that provide the enhanced performance of a larger pad and utilize stainless pistons to resist corrosion and reduce heat transfer from the pads. Wilwood's exclusive Quick-E brake pad retention clips provide simplified pad service without caliper removal. The base kit comes with HP plain-face 12.19-inch vented rotors. Penetrating Oil Promech Oil Corp., Beach Park, Ill., presents its Professional Mechanics Formula Penetrating Oil, developed and used by a small circle of professional mechanics, hot rod shops and restoration professionals. Effective at freeing up rusted, corroded, or seized bolts, nuts and hardware, it has shown to work well in cases of galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals, such as the seizing of a steel bolt in an aluminum block. With results confirmed through years of field testing and recent ASTM lab tests, the oil has the ability to "creep and climb" into the seized part. Suspension Seat MasterCraft Safety, Santee, Calif., presents its Nomad seat, a budget-minded import version of the company's fixed-back Rubicon. The Nomad is a true suspension seat designed from the ground-up and featuring precision-crafted tubular construction, an open-mesh liner and high-resiliency foam for comfort, longevity and durability. Bolt-in applications for most CJ5, all CJ7 and YJ models are available. The deep-sided seats offer containment on the trail and feature 5-point restraint slots and loops to secure belts. They are offered in black. May 2013 3/29/13 10:53 AM

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