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34 TECHNICAL UPDATE the Groundsman April 2013 Pesticides - ���the times they are a-changin��� Controlling weeds, pests and diseases is a vital part of groundsmanship and important, as success or failure can have significant impact on the quality of playing surfaces. Professor John Moverley OBE, independent chair of the Amenity Forum, advises on recent changes in guidance and legislation which may directly impact on current practices. This article focuses on two of the key drivers of this change - relating to sustainability and water quality - and mentions some of the specific changes arising By: John Moverley OBE he Sustainable Use Directive seeks to ensure high and uniform requirements for good practice in the use of pesticides across all EU member states. The UK government has made its response through legislation and more recently a national action plan. This country already has high standards and requirements in this area but there is recognition that there is still more to do in ensuring all areas of the amenity sector continue to drive up standards and ensure best practice. There are still those who operate at less than desired levels. Their actions threaten everyone operating in the sector. The UK response to this directive seeks to be ���light touch��� ��� in affect looking to the industry to regulate itself, but specific changes are being made relating to equipment use and operating procedures. New codes of practice are being prepared and the national action plan calls for greater use of integrated approaches to weed and pest control. However, there is a strong onus on the sector to respond and drive up standards. The consequences of us not doing this could be great. T Water Framework Directive The aim of this directive is about improving water quality. Currently a high proportion of the rivers and water courses, supplying water for us to use, are falling below standards in terms of pollution - including pesticide residues. The UK needs to improve the situation and has established a strategy to do just that. This is set in a wider context within the UK of concerns about flooding and ensuring sufficient water supplies in the future with a growing population. Visit for more information and digital editions

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