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February 2020

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IDAHOFALLSMAGAZINE.COM 43 Skiing or snowshoeing? It's an impossible decision, which allows for only one solution—skishoes. Quickly going from follow- ing an existing path to blazing a new one in an instant sounded too good to be true for IFM staff, so we decided to test them out. Our minds were blown as we marched up the layered hills of snow at Tautphaus Park and cleanly skied right back down it. The dual-use Trackers Skishoes acted as advertised—working as both a ski and snowshoe and cutting through the snow with ease, making our job much easier. Its clean maneuvering even gave us the confidence to take it for a spin on some large hills. CEO Tom Gibson developed the skishoe after cross-country skiing trips left him unhappy with his less than adequate equipment. Gibson's back- ground in skiing and mechani- cal engineering gave him the skills and knowledge he needed to create a quality skishoe. Gibson recently added to the Trackers Skishoes inventory. While always offering a 33" skishoe, they now offer a new 44" red skishoe that gives larger users even more control and mobility. "This gives us a more complete range of products," shared Gibson. "A longer skishoe works better for larger users and gives more flotation in deeper powder." IFM staff noticed a rugged hiking boot works best with the skishoe, giving you a sturdy base. The versatility of the shoe made difficult trails a much smoother experience and cross-country ski- ing an option for the newbies on our team. To help with climbing, Trackers offers climbing skins that can attach to the bottom of your skishoes. The nylon fiber skins give extra grip on steep hills, providing you with everything you need for whichever adventure you choose to tackle in Eastern Idaho. For more information visit IF Trackers Skishoes SPECIAL SECTION | East Idaho Business CHRIS SHEETZ PHOTO CHRIS SHEETZ PHOTO

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