Idaho Falls

February 2020

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IDAHOFALLSMAGAZINE.COM  45 2020 Power Rates in Idaho Falls: Better Than Ever! Idaho Falls Power has announced that there will be no increase in power rates for 2020. In addition to not raising rates, Idaho Falls Power customers will also be seeing a credit on their power bills in the form of a Power Cost Adjustment. Each year IFP estimates the amount of electricity needed for the coming year. As the year progresses, if market conditions are favorable and water levels are high enough to gen- erate excess power, the utility is able to sell that excess power on the market. "While we can't control the wholesale market or snow pack, we have definitely been the beneficiary of some very favorable conditions over the past few years," said Bear Prairie, General Manager of Idaho Falls Power. "The surplus power generated during favorable water flow years helps bring in additional revenues that offsets our rates. When we have favorable market conditions combined with better water flow, we get really excited when we can credit the extra rev- enues we generate back to our customers." IF 10x marketing return on investment with 7 online marketing techniques that Weaver believes will set business owners apart from the competition. Everyone may have a Facebook page, but not everyone asks customers to leave reviews on Google, and then responds to each review written. Weaver emphasizes in the book that its purpose relates to local businesses, and not as much to people selling primarily on Amazon. "I don't like to over prom- ise, under deliver," Weaver said. "I say 10x. If you're not doing any marketing and you start doing some marketing and you can't increase your business by 10x, I feel like you're doing a really bad job marketing." Not enough time to read an entire book? The end of the book includes a 1-page marketing plan, giving you a condensed version of what you need to know. If you finish the book with more questions, Weaver offers free, 30-minutes consulting sessions to discuss an aspect from the book. Access the book's web- site at IF B R O A D W A Y S E R I E S M a r c h 2 0 2 0 7 : 3 0 p m 2 I d a h o F a l l s C i v i c C e n t e r $ 75 | $ 65 | $ 50 | $ 40 | 208.522.0471 "This musical is for everyone. Quite simply, it is extraordinary." The Huffington Post Untitled-1 1 12/13/2019 1:48:00 PM

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