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February 2020

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To hear more of Rita's story go to: as watching that last load of sugarbeets leave the field. Knowing we started with a seed, tended, nurtured and helped it meet its full potential-- from seed to abundance. That's why I love to bring my daughter out with me. She learns lessons about work ethic, putting your heart and soul into your work and persistence. It's the exact same way I was taught. Farming has changed over the years but one thing hasn't. Betaseed has been our partner across generations. They understand our needs from disease control to tonnage and sugar content. Using research to stay one step ahead, they give us confidence for the future." Rita Herford Gentner-Bischer Farms Minden City, MI Research Breeds Confidence | © 2017 Betaseed, Inc. 5705 W. Old Shakopee Road, Suite110, Bloomington, MN 55437 " NOTHING AS NOTHING AS REWARDING REWARDING... ...

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