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Sublimation Quick Stop By Kevin Lumberg & TJ Kvilhaug Mug Wraps: The Key To Affordable Mug Sublimation W ith today���s economy, finding your niche product as soon as possible is critical to your business success. With that being said, testing different markets is an important step in that process. Most products can be made on a flat press so you do not need to purchase another press. However, what about trying mugs or water bottles? Being cylindrical, they will not work inside a standard heat press. You would need to buy a separate mug press. Well, buying a new press to test your market for mugs seems a little silly, being that they can cost a few hundred dollars. There is another way to get into the mug market fairly inexpensively. The answer is mug wraps. In this month���s column, we will talk about wraps, their differences and how they work. A wrap will also allow you to sublimate several mugs at one time by just adjusting the time a little bit. There are a few different variations of the wraps depending on where you get them. A majority of them have an easy clasp-like system, while others may have a bolt that you turn to achieve proper fit. What Are They? A mug wrap is a silicon rubber wrap that goes around your mug or water bottle, giving it the pressure needed to sublimate your image onto the item while using a convection oven for heat. Types There are several different types of wraps on the market. The biggest difference in them is their closure system and the size of product it can accommodate. There are three main wraps that we Wraps come in a variety of sizes and styles. 24 AEMay.indd 24 ��� A&E May 2013 4/2/13 3:46 PM

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