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2 OMEX's mission is to sustainably feed and power a growing population. We work closely with farmers and industry, sharing knowledge to support future generations. OMEX ® has been manufacturing in the USA for 24 years. OMEX ® was started in 1976 and has since developed into a group of companies dedicated to feeding and powering the world. OMEX ® Agrifluids UK manufactures and exports a unique range of plant nutrients and plant health promoters. The majority of our product range is designed for foliar application, but we also offer specialized seed treatments and a wide variety of high-grade soluble powders for fertigation. OMEX ® Agrifluids UK sells its products in over 60 countries and works very closely together with distributors possessing excellent local and technical knowledge. OMEX ® Agrifluids UK and USA have grown to be a leader in plant nutrition technology worldwide. OMEX ® is also the largest manufacturer of specialty fertilizer in the UK and in the top 3 in all of Europe. OMEX ® USA is a leader in providing high-quality products and new technology to fit in the US markets. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and our team of agronomists actively give technical support and advice to our customers worldwide. Welcome to the new OMEX ® USA OMEX ® USA Located in Selma, California Who is OMEX?

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