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February 2020

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Hard Landscaping A look at the urban environment Page 11-12 Hedge & Verge Mowers Jane Carley rounds up the latest innovations Pages 18-21 Pages 23-24 Sweepers, Blowers, Collectors & Vacs Product spotlight on a range of solutions Product News EMAIL: 03 03 L a n d s c a p e & A m e n i t y w w w . l a n d s c a p e a n d a m e n i t y. c o m February 2020 Special Feature Play & Activity supplement Electric launch for Farmtrac Amenity Standard set to be a game changer for the sector Farmtrac, the latest compact tractor brand to the UK market, has launched its all-new, all- electric model. The production-ready FT25G electric tractor featuring a lithium-ion battery represents t h e f u t u r e , c l a i m s U K distributor Reesink. Steven Haynes, tractor sales manager at Reesink Agriculture, Farmtrac's UK distributor: The Amenity Standard is designed to: • Provide an industry benchmark • Provide a basis f o r c o n t i n u o u s improvement • Focus on quality as an objective • Provide assurances about the quality of the approved organisation and maintenance of the amenity space • Ensure that quality assurance scheme operators recognised under this Standard use auditors with technical knowledge and experience of the sector concerned • Promote confidence in organisations o p e r a t i n g a n d providing resources in the amenity sector by provision of a robust and transparent standard At the 2019 Amenity Forum conference and exhibition, the new Amenity Standard was introduced, prior to its full formal launch in 2020, similar to the Red Tractor in food and agriculture. T h o s e o p e r a t i n g t o t h e Standard and displaying its logo will demonstrate their a d h e r e n c e t o r e c o g n i s e d assured standards in all tasks undertaken. There is much greater public and political interest related to weed, pest and disease management, especially linked to chemical use. The reasons why chemicals need to be used, as part of a fully integrated approach, in seeking to provide safe, healthy amenity spaces and sports surfaces, is not always clear to the public and stakeholders. The wider public users of amenity spaces need to have clear assurances that all those involved in creating and maintaining safe, healthy sports grounds and other amenity spaces, operate at the highest professional standards. Professor John Moverley, Chairman of the Amenity Forum, said: "We feel this to be exactly the right time to introduce this Standard which we hope will be sought and demanded from all who operate in amenity management. "It will give assurance that work undertaken is of the highest professional standards by those committed to best practice in every aspect of operations.Those who work in amenity management undertake important and essential operations seeking to create safe and healthy amenity and sports spaces fit for purpose. Introduction of the Standard is we believe a major step and demonstrates once again the high levels of professionalism to be found in our sector." The Amenity Standard will be operated by the Amenity Forum who will maintain, review and regularly update matters as required. At its launch, three Assurance Schemes are to be recognised by the Standard – the Property Care Association Scheme for Invasive Weed Management and two schemes offered by BASIS Registration, Lawn Assured and Amenity Assured. Amenity Forum "The FT25G electric tractor is compact in size, but has more than enough power to be a useful, reliable and practical alternative to the small compact diesel tractor. "The fact that it's battery powered brings all the benefits you'd expect from choosing electric, such as no fuel costs, with no compromise to productivity and performance." Reesink Turfcare An app developed by King College London as part of the British Safety Council's Time to Breathe campaign is building on a growing evidence base that proves outdoor workers are exposed to air pollution well above the World Health Organisation's (WHO) recommended limits. However, huge variance in quality and coverage of air quality measurement across the UK suggests the problem could be greater than previously thought. Over six months the Canairy app has gathered data from a sample of Londoners. Outdoor workers were exposed to air pollution averages higher than guidelines for NO2, particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) and Ozone. Outdoor workers exposed to more pollution than the average Londoner Some maximum exposures were nearly two thirds higher than recommended WHO limits. The workers were in two groups, some mostly working in offices and others mostly working outside. Although both groups were exposed to high levels of air pollution, those working outside are exposed to worse pollution than the average Londoner. British Safety Council's head of campaigns Matthew Holder said: "Canairy confirms what we also thought – if you work outside in a city or near a busy road you are putting your health at risk. What is new is that we now have the technology for individual workers to record their exposure. "With Canairy and other forms of measurement we are building the evidence base that makes the case for change. "As a first step we must urgently adopt the WHO guidelines on PM2.5. But we also need investment in measurement so we can understand who is at risk and how people can limit their exposure to harmful air pollution." British Safety Council Robust steel edging and planters designed for high quality commercial and domestic projects. 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