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February 2020

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Product News 14 i-Jump is Mansfield's popular trampoline park frequented by great numbers of ecstatic children and their accompanying guardians. When designing the interior, i-Jump needed to create a practical and easily managed space while still being fun. In order to achieve this, i-Jump has covered the walls using Norbord's revered SterlingOSB Zero. Sterling OSB Zero is a precision engineered wood panel product that is suitable for use across a great range of construction projects. It is the UK's only manufactured OSB that doesn't contain any added formaldehyde making this an ideal choice for somewhere like i-Jump. S t e p h i G r a y s o n i J u m p ' s O p e r a t i o n s M a n a g e r h a s described the versatility of SterlingOSB Zero as one of its most unique features. Versatility of SterlingOSB Zero transforms i-Jump This has allowed the company to personalise the boards by adding their own vinyls and company logos without incurring significant costs. The effect is a decorative and individual interior that isn't just a hit with Stephi. The trampoline park's choice to opt for SterlingOSB Zero has been met with "lots of complimentary comments" from iJump's many visitors. With its high adrenaline a t m o s p h e r e i - J u m p h a s benefitted greatly from the use of a material that Stephi has described as "totally self sufficient and effective". Now that the decoration itself is completed Stephi, her colleagues and all their enthusiastic customers can simply enjoy the inviting appearance of the park without having to worry about degradation and upkeep. Norbord The second Football Association Sutu has been installed into an existing MUGA in Manchester, Platt Fields. This Sutu was fully funded by Sport England who is working in partnership with ourselves and The FA to provide communities with free access to interactive community play spaces, promoting communities to be more active. Within the first 16 days the Sutu was being played for up to 5 hours a day with a total of 20 hours and The Football Association Sutu that is despite one of the wettest November's on record! This Sutu is part of a larger scheme with The Football Association and Sport England. The first Sutu within this scheme was installed at Lowfield Park in Sheffield. Jupiter Play There are several factors that you will need to consider when planning for your new school playground, as the specialists at Wicksteed explain. Before looking into play equipment for your school however it is always best to have a clear picture of the space you have available and your budget. Play is integral for a child's development and can improve cognitive ability and problem- solving skills. Play is also a great way to get children more creative, so the benefits of getting outdoors at break time go far beyond health and fitness! Playing outdoors on playground equipment enables children to build essential communication that will also serve them well in the classroom. Wicksteed offers a fantastic range of playground products that are guaranteed to liven up even the smallest of outdoor spaces. For smaller school playgrounds it's important to maximise your space. Use of educational play panels or smaller trim trail items can add lots of play value with little need for huge amounts of space. Children can learn through play with our caterpillar counter panel or have fun in groups with the Simon Says interactive panel. Check out the Toddler section of the Wicksteed website for more info about these products and many more. Planning your new school playground When looking at play products for larger playgrounds it's important to remember that you will need surfacing for any bigger pieces of equipment such as multi- play units, see-saws and swings. Wicksteed offers an array of safety surfacing types to suit any outdoor space. These include wet pour, safety grass, bonded rubber mulch and safety tiles. For larger play areas it's good to have a clear picture of what kind of material suits the site best. For more natural areas, timber products such as our range of timber play ships and climbers work well. For high traffic areas prone to the elements it may be best to look at some steel options like our Castle and Cloud Multi-Play ranges. As children get older they seek to play on more challenging pieces of play equipment. Pushing the boundaries with a real sense of adventure in your playground can make all the difference between boredom and enjoyment. At Wicksteed we are firm believers that play should be for all. Our sensory and inclusive play products provide fun, education and challenge for children of all abilities. Sensory play is a vital ingredient in any good play area and incorporating a good mixture of textures, sounds and experiences will guarantee enjoyment for all. Our in house UK production facility allows us to offer a range of bespoke products for your school playground. Wicksteed is the only company in the UK that can produce bespoke solutions at our manufacturing facility in the UK thanks to our new CNC Router. School names, badges and mottos are a small sample of the things we can add to our play products. Ask us more about our bespoke play product facilities. Being a UK manufacturer means that our customers spend less time waiting and more time playing. We are one of the only play companies to offer full aftercare service to all of our customers and all parts and spares are held at our headquarters in Kettering. Wicksteed Playinnovation create inspiring educational sports areas with the WOW factor! Engaging your schools and communities by developing innovative Family Inclusive sports areas. (FISA) Working closely and successfully with pupils, Headteachers and staff of a West London School, Playinnovation designed a playground suitable for all the Creating inspiring play opportunities needs and abilities for pupils of this successful purpose-built community special school. Using only the highest quality materials and most exclusive equipment on the market, Playinnovation ™ created one of the most unique school p l a y g r o u n d s i n L o n d o n . Colourful, vibrant and jam packed with opportunities for physical and mental activity, f e a t u r i n g P l a y i n n o v a t i o n ' s new 'Hype Courts' Basketball goals, table tennis tables, patented educational games walls such as Street Pool, t r a v e r s e w a l l s a n d g y m equipment from TGOGC, this space is fully set for activation. Playinnovation FEBRUARY 2020 As the name suggests, a Mul -Use Games Area (MUGA) is one that can be used for a variety of diff erent sports and ac vi es. They are becoming very popular with sports clubs, schools and other organisa ons that have limited spaces and need to get the best possible use out of a premium area. Our MUGA consists of an ar fi cial, all-weather sports surface made with synthe c materials, which will typically include mul ple pitch markings for diff erent sports. +44(0)1924 412488 Contact us and quote "MUGA" to receive your free site survey today. Project: Exeter University. Product: Matchplay 2. Case study MULTI-USE GAMES AREA MULTI-USE GAMES AREA

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