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RACE SAFELY SCORE Journal’s annual guide to the latest safety gear and products By Mike Vieria As safety product manufacturers continually try to understand the effects off-road motorsports racing has on the body, it leads to new designs and technologies in safety gear. Here are some of the latest products from racing suits and helmets, to the latest in fire suppression and portable first-aid kits. X IMPACT SUPER CHARGER OS20 HELMET Impact’s new Super Charger OS20 Helmet provides all the features and benefits of the Super Charger Top Air version in a lower profile. It provides continuous fresh air through channels in the “Grey Matter” liner, and three air ports above the face shield provide cooling airflow. It features an oversized, wrap-around eye port through its 1/8” polycarbonate shield. Interchangeable cheek pads are available for a custom fit. Currently meets SA2015 standard and available after October 1, 2020 to meet SA2020. Offered in adult sizes XS through XL. MSRP starts at $569.00. IMPACT AXIS FIRESUIT Impact’s Axis Suit is designed with the value-minded racer in mind. Manufactured in fire-rated 100% Aramid based fabric for fire protection that won’t wash out, the one-piece Axis suit is rated to the SFI 3.2-A/5 standard for use in most series and classes. The two-layer suit is lightweight and breathable and features pre-curved arms for increased comfort while driving. Available in multiple standard and optional colors, and in sizes Small through XXXL. MSRP is $429.00. EVO OS20 HELMET The EVO OS20 is an affordable off-set, Top Air Intake Helmet providing continuous fresh air flow to the head and face through the same air channels and ports as more expensive models. The handcrafted fiberglass shell features a wide eye port, a fire-retardant Kevlar chin strap, and a 1/8” polycarbonate shield with three-position detents. Optional interchangeable cheek pads allow for a custom fit. Available in flat black in adult sizes XS through XL. MSRP starts at $449.95. BELL BR1 HELMET The Bell BR1 Helmet is the original model in the industry that can be used as a traditional helmet, side forced air, or top forced air. It uses an innovative kit system that allows it to be adapted to different forms of racing or seat configurations. The lightweight composite shell features an advanced multi-density, multi-piece liner to maximize energy absorption and impact performance. It features an aero duckbill design and comes standard with rear-facing Venturi airflow vents. Top Air and Side Air kits are sold separately with multiple nozzle options. Available in sizes Small through XL. MSRP starts at $499.95. RS7C LTWT CARBON HELMET The Bell RS7C LTWT was developed in collaboration with Penske Racing to reduce weight and enhance airflow in NASCAR. It features an ultra-lightweight carbon shell, an advanced multi-density, multi-layer liner, and an optical grade DSAF visor. The innovative shell and shield designs improve acoustic comfort, aerodynamic performance, and energy absorbing capacities. The advanced ventilation system uses 14 intake and extraction channels with air intake covers. Available in carbon matte clear with a choice of interior fabric colors. MSRP starts at $1,699.95. GT5 CARBON HELMET The Bell GT5 Carbon Helmet is designed primarily for closed-car forms of racing and can be used as a large eye port unit with a standard shield, or as an open helmet with an adjustable visor peak. The lightweight carbon shell GT5 is compatible with side or top forced air attachments, and is available with hydration and communication ports. HANS anchors are factory installed. MSRP starts at $1,199.95. RACEQUIP RACEQUIP SFI CERTIFIED ARM RESTRAINTS RaceQuip’s SFI 3.3 Arm Restraints offer added protection for open cockpit drivers. They are manufactured with premium polypropylene webbing with hook and loop fasteners and high-grade steel hardware. Design uses adjustable 2”-inch webbing for cuffs and 1-inch for the tethers which are designed to slide over shoulder harness end link to release with your belts. Available in black in adult and youth sizes. MSRP is $29.95. RACEQUIP SFI-5 CHEVRON-5 JACKETS AND PANTS RaceQuip’s 9161 Series Chevron-5 Multi-Layer fire suit jacket is constructed with an outer layer of durable Nomex, and a soft, lightweight Nomex liner. It features 180-degree floating arm gussets and stretch panels in the sides for improved flexibility and fit. A heavy-duty, two-way Nomex-backed brass zipper is installed with a double overlap for a secure front opening. Jackets available in red or blue with black accents, or all black. Pants in black. Sizes S – 3 XL. MSRP starts at 219.95 for jackets and $179.95 for pants. RACEQUIP 5-POINT RATCHET HARNESSES RaceQuip’s Small Buckle Latch & Link Pro 5-Point Ratchet Racing Harness features a compact and lightweight buckle design with twin individual shoulder belts. Manufactured using premium 3-inch polyester webbing and drop forged steel hardware to exceed SFI 16.1 standards. HANS/HNR style utilizing 3-inch to 2-inch shoulder belts is available. Shoulders adjust from 28” to 60”, and lap belts adjust from 40 to 78”. Ratchet on the left side lap belt is hand cranked with an included 1/4-inch handle. In black with black oxide hardware. MSRP is $189.95 for single width straps and $199.95 for HANS/FHR style. K1 RACEGEAR K1 GTX-1 RACING SHOE The K1 GTX-1 Racing Shoe is a mid-top design constructed of soft calfskin leather with perforated vents for superior comfort and breathability. It uses a lightweight pre-formed rubber sole for excellent pedal feel and durability, and features an Achilles Flex Zone for added mobility. A full canopy tongue lined with soft-knit Nomex is attached to the inner base of each side of the shoe to wrap the entire surface of the driver’s foot to provide safety and prevent debris from entering the shoe. Available in white, red, or black. Meets SFI 3.3/5 Standard. MSRP is $229.99. K1 SPORTSMAN 2-PIECE FIRE SUIT K1’s Sportsman 2-Piece Firesuit is SFI 3.2A/5 rated and features 2-layer Nomex construction with a lightweight outer shell and soft inner lining. Jacket features 360-degree full-floating arm gussets, while pants feature boot-cut legs. Available in black with white, red, or blue trim in sizes Small through 3XL. MSRP for $275.00 for jacket and $224.00 for pants. K1 PRECISION II YOUTH SUIT K1’s Precision II Youth Suit offers young racers the ultimate in protection and function at a budget price. Suit is SFI-5 rated and constructed of two layers of lightweight, high-quality Aramidic. Features 360-degree full-floating sleeves and pre-bent 4-way stretch panels to provide full range of motion and improved ventilation. Available in Youth 5XS to XS sizes. MSRP is 399.99. CARBONX CARBONX MX-12 SFI-CERTIFIED SOCK The MX-12 SFI-Certified Sock from CarbonX is designed specifically for motorsports and is knitted from patented non-flammable yarn and flame-resistant, super-washed merino wool. It far surpasses the SFI Spec 3.3 for Underclothing, and will not burn, melt, or ignite when exposed to flame or heat. Lightweight and flexible, the MX-12 features a reinforced toe and heel, and a cushioned sole for maximum comfort. Pricing varies by distributor. CARBONX BASELAYERS The CarbonX Ultimate Baselayer provides the highest level of thermal protection and comfort, and is also an ideal choice for cooler climates and winter conditions, while the CarbonX Active Baselayer is more suited to warmer climates and summer conditions. The base layers will not burn, melt, or ignite when subjected to direct flame, extreme heat, molten metal, flammable liquids, arc flash, or certain chemicals. They are lightweight, flexible, and soft to the touch for the highest level of comfort, and thermal protective properties will not wash out or wear away. Pricing varies by distributor. CARBONX WELDING BLANKET The CarbonX 8861 Welding Blanket Felt provides protection against grinding sparks, weld splatter, and welding slag. Specifically designed for the automotive aftermarket, the blanket is chemical and flame resistant, with a continuous operating temperature up to 1800 degrees F. Material is 0.220” thick and weighs 16oz. per square yard. Pricing varies by distributor. MAGLOCK MAGLOCK AIR SYSTEM The Maglock Air System provides a quick, solid, sealed bond for connecting helmets and forced air systems, yet is easily disconnected with a small amount of pressure from an oblique angle for driver changes or emergencies. Magnetism seals the bond between helmet and hose with more than 20lbs. of tensile strength. Developed in Baja racing, and now being tested and used in just about every other form of motor racing, the system is even mandatory in some competition. Maglock is easy to install and comes with a roof dock and dust cap. MSRP is $189.95. NECKSGEN REV2 CARBON HEAD AND NECK RESTRAINT NecksGen’s REV2 Carbon Restraint is currently the lightest head and neck restraint available, with the medium unit weighing less than 1 pound, while providing the same level of protection and certifications and NecksGen’s Original and REV devices. It features an adjustable tether system to make setting slack and range of motion quick and simple. Available in sizes to fit most drivers, and in matte or gloss finish. Quick-release helmet hardware is included. MSRP is $699.00. PYROTECT VORTEX CARBON FORCED AIR SA2015 HELMET The SA2015 Vortex Carbon Forced Air Helmet from Pyrotect has a 100% Carbon Fiber shell and a fire-retardant Nomex interior. A removable six-piece headliner and cheek pad system allows for simple adjustment, easy cleaning, and improved heat transfer. Vortex forced air channels provide improved airflow and comfort. Includes stainless steel hardware, Kevlar chinstrap, and a large eye port with .125 Polycarbonate shield with tear off post. In sizes XS – XXL. Snell SA 2015 rated. MSRP is $999.00. PRO-ULTRA CARBON FULL FACE TRIFLOW SA2015 HELMET Pyrotect’s Pro Ultra TriFlow Carbon Helmet uses a durable lightweight 100% Carbon Fiber shell and can be quickly and easily changed from a standard full-face helmet to a side or top forced air model. Includes similar features and construction to the Vortex helmet above. In sizes XS – XXXL. Snell SA 2015 rated. MSRP is $1,079.00. PYROCELL FUELING TOWER The PyroCell Fueling Tower provides safe, fast, and efficient fueling. It uses an Ultra Durable Sportsman Style Bladder, and is available in capacities from 35 to 100 gallons, with heights of 6, 7, or 8 feet, and with a variety of valve and hose sizes and types. MSRP starts at $1695.00. PYROTECT CUSTOM SUIT Pyrotect’s Custom Suit Builder allows you to create a perfect, one-of-a-kind suit. Includes SFI1 or SFI-5 Certification, single, double, or triple-layer Nomex, embroidered belt, chest and back, up to 15 logos, front slash pockets, a choice of 8 available designs or a custom one of your own. The lightweight, comfortable suits are available in one-piece or jacket and pants styles in standard and custom sizes for men and women. MSRP starts at $325.00. SHOEI VFX-EVO HELMET The VFX-EVO Motocross Helmet uses SHOEI’s exclusive Motion Energy Distribution System to reduce rotational acceleration energy to the head in the event of a crash, along with Multi-Ply Matrix Aim+ Shell construction as a first layer of defense. Developed in SHOEI’S in house wind tunnel to optimize aerodynamics and ventilation performance. Uses a removable, washable, adjustable and replaceable interior that dissipates sweat two-times faster than traditional nylon interiors. Meets Snell 2020 Standard. Available in a variety of colors and in sizes XS – XXL. MSRP starts at $539. SAFECRAFT MODEL UT FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM The Model UT5JME-W-175 is a fully automatic system for UTVs, using 3M Novec 1230 when hazardous temperatures are reached. 3M Novec 1230 extinguishes fires in seconds, leaves no residue, is electrically non-conductive, is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and will not harm electronic equipment. The easy-to-install kit uses a thermal sensor on a stainless steel braided line routed directly to the area to be protected, and features an isolation valve for consumer ease and transportation. Multiple sensors can be used for expanded coverage. Comes with machined billet brackets for mounting to roll bar, and is available in 3, 5, or 7-pound weights. MSRP is $609.00. MODEL PB3 FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM Model PB3 (3lb.) extinguisher is a portable hand-held unit using Halotron 1 Clean Agent, featuring quick, pin-pull activation. Designed for roll bar or flat mounting. An optional quick-release, machine billet bracket offers versatility of placement and ease of use by simply flipping a lever. Also available in a 5-lb. version. Can be combined with Safecraft automatic systems for added protection. MSRP is $283.00. MODEL LT FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM The Model LT10JAA System deploys 3M Novec 1230 and features pull-cable activation and plumbing with ¼-inch aluminum tubing. Kit includes nozzles, fittings, tubing, and pull cable. The LT system easily integrates into all vehicle designs. In addition to the 10-pound version, the LT is also available in 3-lb, 5-lb, and a super lightweight version. MSRP is $773.00. SIMPSON HYBRID SPORT SFI 38.1 HEAD RESTRAINT Simpson’s Hybrid Sport Head Restraint provides superior strength along with maximum comfort and maneuverability for a budget price. The lightweight design is manufactured with carbon/polymer construction and provides protection during multiple impacts. SFI 38.1 certified restraint features a low-profile design to ease ingress and egress without interference with other gear. Available with a variety of tether and anchor options. MSRP is $599.00. CARBON BANDIT RACING HELMET Simpson’s Carbon Bandit Helmet features the Classic Bandit design with improved aerodynamics and lighter weight. Meets Snell SA 2015 Standard and is frontal head restraint ready. Available with optional top or side air, and communications. In sizes X-Small through XXL. MSRP is $799.95. SIMPSON UTV SUIT The Simpson Racing UTV Suit meets SFI 3.2/A1 and SFI 5 3.2/5 requirements. The one-piece suit comes in black with black ankle and wrist cuffs, and with red, yellow, and orange stripes on the arms. Available in sizes Small to XXL. MSRP is $529.95. STAND 21 CLUB SERIES 3 FRONTAL HEAD RESTRAINT The Club Series 3 FHR provides protection at an affordable price, while still being lightweight and comfortable. Constructed of thermoplastic injected resin, reinforced with carbon fiber, the Club Series 3 has a 20-degree angle and is available in medium and large sizes. Includes sliding tethers, black padding, and a protective bag. MSRP is $379.00. O’Neal Hardwear Reflexx  O’Neal’s Hardwear Reflexx line is the culmination of 50-years of race-inspired graphics and features based on the needs of riders like Dean Wilson and Colton Aeck. The materials are designed for unsurpassed freedom of movement, while Pro-Lite and intake vents work to keep you cool in the most severe conditions.  MSRP Pant $189.99  Jersey $54.99.   10 Series Helmet The 10 Series helmets from O’NEAL feature either an ultra-lightweight full carbon shell weighing just 1080g or a fiberglass construction with a shell weight of only 1150g (size M). The 10 Series helmets have maximum airflow delivered by oversized vents and custom CNC calculated EPS channels. Other features include an ultra-plush removable and washable padded inner liner. The 10 Series also features a removable mouthpiece for easy cleaning, side goggle traction pad to keep your goggle strap in place as well as a high air intake mouth vent with micro mesh screen allowing maximum air in, while keeping debris out. All 10 Series helmets exceed DOT and ECE 22-05 safety standards. MSRP $299.99, Carbon $399.99 . RDX 2.2 Boot  The RDX 2.2 comes complete with safety and comfort features that include a Full Tilt RDX Pivot system. It allows for the natural flexibility of your feet and lower legs all while maintaining rigid lateral form. Alloy aluminum buckles feature a double pin locking system while the soles are covered with a full, “Army Rubber” featuring a full steel shank interior for added rigidity, protection and strength. Ergonomically placed interior gel aided by a foam pillow ankle support keeps your feet firmly in place without pinching, binding or causing discomfort. The RDX is completely rebuildable, with removable and replaceable parts including the Sole, Straps, Buckles, Footbed and upper Body. MSRP $399.99   1 LIFE TRAUMA KITS 1LIFE RACE KIT The 1Life Race Kit by 1Life Trauma Kits is designed as a life-saving trauma kit by and for off-road racers that goes well beyond an average first-aid kit. Included among the more than 40 key products ready to assist in almost any medical trauma situation are a SAM Medical XT Tourniquet, SAM Medical 36” Splint, Israeli Quick Clot Bandage, and even Emergency Drinking Water. All items are stored in a sturdy dustproof, crushproof, water-resistant, high-density plastic container that stands up to the rigors of Baja racing. The kit is ready to help you save lives while waiting for medical assistance to arrive. MSRP for the 1Life Race kit is $200.00. Additionally, a Mounting Bracket is available through 1Life Trauma Kits for securely mounting the Race Kit to 1 ½ - 1 ¾ inch tubing. The laser cut bracket has welded corners, high strength straps and a locking buckle. Bracket retails for $85.00.

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