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March 2020

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WWW.POTATOGROWER.COM 19 Groundwork BioAg • (888) 964-0685 • www.groundworkbioag.com Rootella Mycorrhizal Inoculants Groundwork BioAg, Ltd. produces effective mycorrhizal inoculants for commercial agriculture. Natural mycorrhizal fungi improve soil nutrient uptake in 90 percent of all plant species. When applied to agriculture, mycorrhizal inoculants increase crop yields, especially under stress conditions. Each Rootella product is formulated to accommodate specific cultivation methods. The different products cover a vast variety of crops, from seed treatment and in-furrow applications for row crops and specialty crops, to nursery and transplantation applications for vegetables and trees. Growers using Rotella products may reduce fertilizer application rates, notably phosphorus. Groundwork BioAg's uniquely vigorous and highly concentrated Rootella products have demonstrated impressive field trial results in several major crops, such as corn, soybean, lentil, bean, tomato, pepper, onion and potato. Rootella inoculants are currently registered and sold in several territories (including the U.S.) and are suitable for organic farming. Simplot • (208) 336-2110 • www.planthealthtechnologies.simplot.com Tolero Tolero is an irrigation injection surfactant that increases soil water availability and improves soil's water-holding capacity. Tolero conserves water with a unique blend of water management technologies that help disperse and hold water in the root zone. It increases water availability in the root zone for up to weeks, improves water retention to help minimize potential crop stress, and reduces irrigation duration and increases intervals between watering. Nexia-G Nexia-G is a granular blend of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria formulated to enhance fertilizer applications. These bacteria live in the rhizosphere, the area in and around the plant roots, producing metabolites that improve soil, enhancing plant growth and health. Nexia-G is a microbial innoculant for granular fertilizer that enhances plant health on a wide range of crops, including potatoes, and improves root architecture, which leads to improved early plant growth. Westbridge Agricultural Products • (800) 599-8855 • www.westbridge.com Soil TRIGGRR, Foliar TRIGGRR, Organic BioLink Nutritional Program Soil TRIGGRR and Foliar TRIGGRR are liquid plant growth regulators containing natural plant extracts. They provide plants with the energy boost they need by increasing photosynthesis, which leads to enhanced nutrient and water uptake, and a stronger root system. Soil TRIGGRR and Foliar TRIGGRR work in combination with Westbridge's Organic BioLink Nutritional Program to promote good root development, improve seedling vigor, and control tuber size and uniformity. The program enhances starter and pre-plant fertilizer efficiency and increases tuber specific gravity. Enhanced fertilizer efficiency may lengthen the growing season and increase starch deposition. When applied at key times during the growing cycle, Soil TRIGGRR and Foliar TRIGGRR, along with the Organic BioLink Nutritional Program, can improve potato grade and increase yield. Midwestern BioAg • (800) 327-6012 • www.terranu.info TerraNu TerraNu is a granulated carbon-based fertilizer that increases crop performance by stimulating soil biology and increasing nutrient uptake. The product's innovation allows for the combination of rapidly available carbon, highly soluble and sulfate-based nutrients to be offered in every homogenized granule, enhancing nutrient availability for crop uptake. TerraNu is available in three unique formulations to ensure a perfect fit in every grower's fertilizer program: a micronutrient package (TerraNu MicroPack); an NPK plus micronutrient package (TerraNu Ignite); and a boron, calcium and sulfur offering (TerraNu Calcium). Michigan State University studies conducted in 2019 confirmed that TerraNu Calcium produced the following: • 26 percent increase in Grade A potatoes; • 35-hundredweight-per acre yield increase; and • 13 to 21 percent less sucrose than potatoes that received the control, ground gypsum, pelletized gypsum or liquid/dry gypsum blend treatments.

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