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Sweet Talk by Nancy Sanchez | EDITOR Anniversary Encounter What is the deal with anniversaries? Why do we celebrate some anniversaries and try to ignore others? Some are joyful and feel like a blessing while others are sorrowful and life-altering. Nonetheless, recognizing an anniversary or date to remember, or annual ritual, or observation of past events overlaps all languages and peoples of the world. It is a common understanding. Languages aside, human beings are universal in marking an- niversaries. It’s what we do as humans. We are reminded of our place in the world when insignificant things take over as chaos. A fragrant bundle of perfectly timed roses land on my desk and my busy- ness makes way for a reality check. I hold onto that truth. Taking in a fresh scent of honesty from my dear husband, and I am back on track. A wedding anniversary is certainly worth celebrating. Maybe that is why we fondly remember a moment in time when the event of a life- time is forever marked on our hearts. Although I am not certain the 35th printing of Sugar Producer will be marked on my heart, I do believe it is worth appre- ciating and celebrating. Just as 35 years of beet fields have witnessed monumental changes in their environment, those men and women who worked the fields have been instrumental in moving the sugarbeet industry forward. And Sugar Producer has been there to take note and keep record of the progress. Not only in the fields, but the record also includes the progress of sugar companies, political affairs, production methods and the improvements at Harris Publishing. Reminiscing about my happy childhood I was looking through an old photo album at mom and dad’s and I found a photo of my brothers proudly displaying one of their catches for the day. A giant beet their little hands could barely hold up for the camera. Those bright green fields always made me smile. Siblings and adventures under PUBLISHER Jason Harris EDITOR Nancy Sanchez ASSISTANT EDITOR Tyler Baum ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Dave Alexander ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Rob Erickson GROUP SECRETARY Magdalene Mercado CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Yvonne Young CIRCULATION ASSISTANT Eula Endecott MARKETING DIRECTOR Robin Black PRODUCTION MANAGER Janet Chase GRAPHIC DESIGNER Dayne Dingman PRODUCTION STAFF Jim Donovan R.D. Dye April Frederick Angela Hardy Lavon Horne Chris Searle IT DIRECTOR Chuck Harris SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR Darrin Steffler CONTROLLER Clayton Ward ACCOUNTING Laura Rafferty PRESIDENT Jason Harris VICE PRESIDENT Chuck Harris VICE PRESIDENT Ryan Harris VICE PRESIDENT Steve Janes TREASURER Clayton Ward SECRETARY Janet Chase The Sugar Producer magazine is published nine times yearly. ©2010, Harris Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is strictly prohibited. Publisher not responsible for content of submitted materials. Back copies or subscriptions: 800-210-1360. Basic subscription rates are: U.S.,1 year-$15.95, nine issues; Canada, 1 year, $35.95 U.S., nine issues; International, 1 year, $45.95 U.S., nine issues. All subscriptions are U.S. funds only. Limited back issues available for $5 U.S. each. the tall green leaf canopy where we could hide and play are great memories. I don’t know if dad really knew about our explorations in the fields beneath the canopy, but for us it was a ritual we always celebrated. I believe celebrating anniversaries keeps us happy and healthy. Here is to another 35 years for Sugar Producer, and another endless celebration of a happy marriage. ORGANIZATIONS ASGA 202-833-2398 e-mail: U.S. BEET SUGAR ASSOCIATION 202-296-4820 AMERICAN SUGAR ALLIANCE 703-351-5055 | BEET SUGAR DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION 303-832-4460 SUGAR ASSOCIATION, INC. 202-785-1122 | HARRIS PUBLISHING, INC. 360 B Street Idaho Falls, ID 83402 208-524-7000 | Fax: 208-522-5241 Printed in Idaho Falls, ID by FALLS PRINTING 6 Sugar Producer June/July 2010

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