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New areas debuting this year include: • E-mail Management at #5 • Precedents (models, West km, redesign) at #6 • Internal collaboration using Web 2.0 tools at #8 E-mail management and Web 2.0 tools are not necessarily new to KM practitioners. However, the project scope/responsibility surrounding them has expanded to include more KM functions. In addition, attorneys as well as their clients have focused more on these issues within the past year especially with the rise of Twitter and SharePoint collaboration in the legal space. In an ironic twist, models and precedents — foundations of traditional KM — seem to have experienced a resurgence, as this category was added to the top ten list this year. Additional areas of focus, culled from the survey comments section, are worthy of mention. These include: • Expert witnesses • Risk management /legal holds • Process/project management • Corporate university curriculum In summary, despite news coverage of budget cuts and attorney layoffs, the economic slump did not seem to have an effect on our current workload or future projects. KM practitioners continue to be involved in important projects, especially those impacting the business of law such as fee arrangements and risk management. How does your firm or legal department measure up to our survey? Are there important initiatives we have not captured here? Please let the KM Steering Knowledge Management 19 Committee know. You can find information on committee members and the KM E-Group discussion forum on ILTA’s website. We also hope to see you at the ILTA 2010 conference this year where many of these topics will be covered via case studies. Come join us for a lively discussion! ILTA

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