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ILA-USMX Joint Safety Committee Working Together For The Benefit Of All ILA-USMX OSH Circulars are devised to reflect the best possible information and guidance, and are products of diligent research and the most up to date subject matter knowledge. Consequently, while the information contained herein is believed to be accurate, owing to a host of factors ILA-USMX can convey no direct or implied warranty relative to the reliance of parties upon content. The Novel Coronavirus Workers and Employers Want to Know Q. What's all this "stuff" about face masks? Do they work? How well? A. It's important to know that all facemasks/respirators, if properly worn, will provide a given level of protection against transmitting and/or acquiring Covid-19 infection. On the waterfront, we typically see three different types of respiratory protection being worn for that purpose. 1). Surgical-Type Facemasks: 2). Cloth Facemasks Surgical masks are disposable after a day's use, and with a reasonably good facial seal provide protection against both the transmission of virus particles and the (somewhat less effective) acquisition of virus particles. They come in a number of different designs, the most effective of which are the multi-layer type. In high demand markets, surgical mask designs are among the most readily obtainable. Cloth facemasks are basic filtration facepieces that are reusable after light washing, and are among the most convenient of all means of respiratory protection. Some, like the one shown at left, are essentially "homemade" and, depending upon the type of materials used in their construction, offer varying degrees of affirmative protection. Cloth facemasks are becoming more and more obtainable online, even in high demand markets. 27-April-2020

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