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APG’s Ford ProRunner Ranger A 2020 Ranger Gets True Off-Road Capability By Dan Sanchez For those who can’t wait for the Ford Ranger Raptor, aftermarket manufacturers have been busy developing performance products for the current platform of the Ford Ranger. One of the latest is Automotive Performance Group’s conversion package they call the ProRunner Series 1. Based on Orange County, California, APG took some of the best off-road performance components and adapted them to their own, and included some Baja inspired front fenders and rear bedsides that the company designed from carbon fiber. The result is a menacing Ford Ranger that has the capability of tackling the toughest terrain you can throw at it. Taking a factory 2020 Ford Ranger, APG began by giving the vehicle a wider stance and appearance. The company manufactured a wide-body kit consisting of front fenders and rear bedsides that are manufactured from aerospace-grade carbon fiber. The wide-body kit gives the Ranger 10-inches of width to accommodate larger tires and greater clearance for additional suspension travel. On the driver’s side, the carbon fiber bedsides also had to account for the factory gas door, so APG also made that from carbon fiber and includes a fuel neck extension. The company knew that looks alone don’t make a serious off-road truck, so they created a front suspension system that includes new upper and lower boxed control arms that utilize the factory spindles. The idea was to give the Ranger a wider track width to increase suspension travel to 12.5 inches front and rear. To do this successfully, APG supplies tie-rod extensions, and for 4WD models, extended length front axle shafts. The additional wheel travel allows the use of King adjustable coil-over remote reservoir shocks with APG coil-over spacers for added ride height. At the rear, King adjustable remote reservoir shocks are used while a set of APG wheel adaptors are added to attach a set of Toyo Open Country R/T 315/35R17 tires that measure 35-inches in diameter and are mounted to a set of Fifteen52 Turbomac HD wheels. APG’s Series 1 kit comes with the suspension upgrades but does not include wheels and tires, allowing for vehicle owners to mix and match their own combination. No real off-road vehicle would be caught in the desert without heavy-duty bumpers and accessories, so APG also includes an aluminum front bumper that can incorporate an optional Warn 8000S winch, as well as the factory parking sensors and parking lights. OE fog light brackets are retained and KC HiLiTe Flex lights can be added for extra visibility at night. Additional options include APG’s rear aluminum bumper, Factor55 ProLink and Fairlead, a KC HiLiTe aluminum Roof Rack with M-Series 50-inch lightbar, and a SPOD Bantam light controller. The ProRunner seems well equipped to tackle difficult terrain at higher speeds and has the appearance to match its capabilities. Taking your factory 2020 Ford Ranger, the ProRunner Series 1 system starts at $11,573 for all of the necessary components and can run $15, 948 with installation, not including wheels and tires. Considering the average MSRP of the 2020 Ford Ranger is $24,110 for SuperCab models, adding the ProRunner Series 1 package will most likely be less expensive than a Ford Ranger Raptor model that is still not known if or when it would appear on the market. Considering the components and capability of the ProRunner, it’s a pretty good place to start for those Ranger owners who want a serious off-road and Baja worthy vehicle. SJ

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