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May 2020

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Industry News The latest news and information Pages 3-4 Product News New product launches and case studies Page 6 Pages 9-17 Professional Groundscare Springing into action L a n d s c a p e & A m e n i t y w w w . l a n d s c a p e a n d a m e n i t y. c o m May 2020 Special Supplement Professional Groundscare The HTA launches 'Plants Near Me' Research initiative offers insight into turf management under lockdown To help connect growers with the public, the HTA has launched the 'Plants Near Me' webpage –, allowing the public to fi nd local growers and garden centres that are offering home delivery. To make this initiative a success, the HTA is urging members and non-members to add their details to the database, so that the resource can become a comprehensive online directory for the public to use. HTA President, Boyd Douglas- Davies, said of the scheme: "Following on from the media M a n a g i n g t u r f u n d e r lockdown will investigate the results of different mowing regimes on a poa/ bentgrass green, with five, three or one cut per week. Further treatments will assess the effects of Primo Maxx II growth regulator applications, at various intervals. It will indicate opportunities to reduce mowing requirement and better maintain turf quality under lower intensity regimes. The research is also set to validate a new Growing Degree Day calculator, developed by Syngenta to tailor Primo Maxx II application intervals more precisely. For the fi rst time, there will be scientifi cally assessed GDD data for cool season grasses under UK growing conditions, to enable turf managers to better interpret existing turf growth models for their own individual situations. A new research project is set to provide vital answers to the pressing questions of 'Managing turf under lockdown.' Crucially, the results will be reported as the trial progresses to enable greenkeepers to make decisions over the coming weeks. Sponsored by Syngenta, in association with ICL and STRI, the initiative will give an insight into the implications of lower intensity mowing regimes on fine turf surfaces, along with some of the techniques to more effectively manage growth. The trial at Bingley in Yorkshire, led by STRI's Dr Christian Spring, will deliver up to the minute results of the effects on turf quality, along with suggested actions to help maintain playing surfaces for when normal service can resume. Syngenta Technical Manager, Marcela Munoz, who instigated the trial, commented: "At a time when many courses have been forced into actions to reduce mowing frequency, turf managers need answers to what the effects will be on turf quality for the future. " R a p i d r e p o r t i n g o f t h e findings from the trial as they happen could help to m a k e b e t t e r d e c i s i o n s t o maintain turf more efficiently and effectively through this period," she added. Assessed weekly, the STRI team will provide a weekly trial update and advice of s u g g e s t e d a c t i o n s f r o m observations of sward height, uniformity, clipping yield, colour and overall turf health. coverage of the plight of growers and garden retailers it has been encouraging to hear the messages of support from the general public. "There is pent up demand for plants and the launch of 'Plants Near Me' provides some way of enabling the gardening public to access plants available to them from local suppliers. "We all know the benefits that plants can bring to our health and wellbeing – particularly so at this unprecedented time." HTA GKB Machines is providing t h e s o l u t i o n t o g r o u n d compaction with the launch of the revolutionary GKB Deep Tine Aerator (DTA). The GKB DTA works on n a t u r a l s p o r t s p i t c h e s t o relieve the surface, compaction e n a b l i n g w a t e r t o t r a v e l through and for stronger roots to develop. T o m S h i n k i n s , O p e r a t i o n Manager said the addition of DTA was an important development and added: "It was the missing piece to our catalogue and now being able to offer customers the full range of reliable and robust machinery will allow us to truly stand out from the crowd." Innovation continues with the Deep Tine Aerator With an adjustable 25-degree heave angle, the GKB DTA's tine holding system allows you to take control on removing compaction. From varying depths up to 16 inches. Featuring a 3-speed heavy duty gearbox, you can adjust the speed on the tines to create the required hole pattern in the turf, and with its unique tine mounting system, quick Marcela Munoz added the height of cut for all of the treatments would be raised to five mm, to reflect current practice to ease off intensity and to enable turf to optimise use of water and nutrient resources, as well as reduce stress related disease pressure. "It recognises that most courses are in a holding position during the lockdown to maintain turf without long-term loss of quality. "It will enable them to return to previous levels of playability as quickly as possible – without recourse to expensive and time consuming remedial actions." She highlighted the information and generated by the research will be applicable for all sports turf surfaces. Syngenta Care for your grass in multiple ways, all in one cost-effective machine. British equipment suited to all budgets and pitch sizes. Contact us today for a free 80 page bro chure 01473 328272 • .LAPU Banner 4GCS_LAPU Strip 19/08/2019 11:23 Page 1 changeover for different size tines has never been easier. The GKB DTA requires minimal maintenance as it's fi tted with a heavy-duty sealed bearings on the crank shaft, ensuring focus is always on improving the ground and less on maintaining the machine. GKB Machines

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