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June/July 2020

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Page 10 of 19 11 l ART'S WAY MANUFACTURING (712) 864-3131 9016 HIGH DUMP e 9016-BT wheel base is set so the tires can run through the field without damaging unlied beets. is machine is offered in different axle options to match each field's row spacing. e cart features a large, 20- ton capacity and can be easily set to dump to the le or right side. When combined, these features allow the 9016-BT to be pulled alongside the harvester when opening and dump back to the le when full. is allows the harvester to run at a much more continuous pace, greatly reducing the amount of lost time. l GROVER'S ALL WHEELS (800) 625-7077 FULL-SIZE TRUCKS Grover's All Wheels has been serving the heavy- duty truck needs of its customers nationwide since 1978. Grover's specializes in heavy-duty truck sales, service and parts, as well as in configuring trucks with Allison automatic transmissions. Grover's carries a large selection of trucks, as well as the equipment required to get trucks ready to go to work. Rigorous inspection and reconditioning ensures customers the highest standard of quality. Grover's custom-builds trucks on-site to meet the specific demands of growers' work and has many trucks available for seasonal lease. l GOW GROUP, INC. (800) 499-4711 ALUMINUM TRAILER INSERTS GOW's one-of-a- kind design allows for maximum product hauling with minimal weight. Having the belt over the chain drive guarantees direct movement of the load with no belt slippage. e electric drive allows for constant unloading of product at each user's preferred speed. Swing-out doors allow for easy loading, and a tilting sluice ensures easy unloading. GOW aluminum inserts are available for installation inside 47- and 53-foot trailers. GOW BULK BOX e GOW Bulk Box's horizontal side gate allows for loading visibility and harvester location to the loading box. Its round shape design allows for high load capacity, along with a belt-over-chain unloading system. e electric drive allows for constant unloading of product at each user's preferred speed. All boxes come with electric tarps for load transport covering. GOW Bulk Boxes are available in 360-, 390- and 420-hundredweight capacities.

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