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GPN delivers the how-to, what-with information that growers rely on in 12 robust tabloid issues, boasting a bold and fresh look. With a GPN integrated media program, including, digital products and live events, you can be sure industry buyers will find your advertising message on every media platform. SPECS 1 EDITORIAL LEADERSHIP GPN is the best-read magazine in the industry1. Our award-winning editors consistently deliver the how-to, what-with information growers need to be successful in the greenhouse. 2 100% REQUESTED, 100% QUALIFIED GPN is the ONLY industry publication that is 100% requested2. 19,048 subscribers3 provide the required information that defines their business and occupation in order to qualify to receive GPN. Total Readers per copy: 2.51 Total Print Impressions: 47,2851 PRINT 3 PURCHASE AUTHORITY 91% of GPN's subscribers grow, specify, approve or purchase products.3 4 BIG, BOLD & COLORFUL GPN has long-been the only industry publication in a tabloid format, providing advertisers with more real estate to make a big impression and highest impact in the market. WHY GPN IS YOUR BEST BUY! GPN's print supplement and twice- monthly e-newsletter delivers news and product information to more than 3,500 commercial growers with 250,000+ sq. ft. of growing area 2 . MECHANICAL DATA • Publication Trim Size: 10.75" x 13.5" Achieved by trimming 0.125" off head, face and foot. • All ads should be submitted using CMYK colors and high resolution images of 300dpi. • Live matter should be kept at least 0.25" from the trim. AD ART UPLOAD INSTRUCTIONS All ad art and addition ad information should be uploaded at: 1 Signet AdStudy, September 2019 2 Publisher's Data 3 AAM Publisher's Statement June 2020 SPACE UNIT — Bleed Ad Size (Printed area/Trim Size) Bleed Size (0.125" added to all sides) Tabloid 10.75"w × 13.5"h 11"w × 13.75"h Tabloid Spread 21.5"w × 13.5"h 21.75"w × 13.75"h Junior Page 7.5"w × 10.75"h 7.75"w × 11"h Junior Spread 15.25"w × 10.75"h 15.5"w × 11"h ½ Tabloid Vertical 5.125"w × 13.5"h 5.375"w × 13.75"h ½ Tabloid Horizontal 10.75"w × 6.5"h 11"w × 6.75"h 1⁄3 Tabloid Vertical 3.5"w × 13.5"h 3.75"w × 13.75"h False Cover 10.5"w × 13.25"h 10.75"w ×13.5"h ½ Page Cover Tip 10.5"w × 6.625"h 10.75" w × 6.875"h CA Summer Trials Companion Full Page 6"w × 10"h 6.25"w × 10.25"h SPACE UNIT — Non-Bleed Ad Size Tabloid 9.75"w × 13"h Junior Page 7"w × 10"h Junior Spread 15.5"w × 10"h ½ Tabloid Vertical 4.625"w × 13"h ½ Tabloid Horizontal 9.75"w × 6.375"h 1⁄3 Tabloid Vertical 3.375"w × 13"h 2⁄3 Page 4.625"w × 10"h ½ Page Vertical 3.375"w × 10"h ½ Page Horizontal 7"w × 4.875"h ½ Page Island 4.625"w × 7.375"h 1⁄3 Page Vertical 2.125"w ×10"h 1⁄3 Page Square 4.625"w × 4.875"h ¼ Page 3.375"w × 4.875"h 1⁄6 Page Vertical 2.125"w × 4.875"h 1⁄6 Page Horizontal 4.875"w × 2.125"h Showcase 4.5"w × 3.5"h CA Summer Trials Companion Full Page 6"w × 10"h 2 gpn | 2021 M E D I A K I T Visit the GPN Media Kit website at for additional options, audience insight and more.

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