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Important Controlled Access Area Information Revised 8.17.20 The SCORE Baja 500 is a 100% restricted access event with a limited number of team members allowed and no spectators. This is a preliminary document to assist you with your planning. A final policy document will be available on Thursday, September 10th at 6:00 pm. on the SCORE website, Race Info, the Baja 500, Controlled Access Due to the COVID-19 situation all race activities will be conducted under the strict health guidelines of a government approved Biosecurity Protocol. The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and social distancing will be required. SCORE will provide the registered race team’s detailed information related to COVID-19 protocols during the next few weeks. Register early to ensure you receive this vital information. All persons eligible for access to restricted areas must register with SCORE, sign waivers, and receive SCORE wristbands to access event areas. Wristbands must be worn at all times to access all restricted areas. It is the responsibility of each team member to read, understand, and follow the requirements. Failure to sign waivers, be banded, and follow health protocols will result in persons being removed from the restricted areas and can result in team penalties. In addition to the Drivers of Record, Riders of Record, Co-Drivers, Co-Riders, and Navigators each team can request wristbands for up to four (4) essential team persons. The definition of an essential team person is someone absolutely necessary to service or repair the race vehicle or extremely important to the operation of the race team. No essential team person can be under the age of 16. All essential team persons must have a picture ID with them at all times as the name on their wristband will be checked against the ID at each entrance. Arrival at El Dorado Ranch (EDR) At the entrance gate you must stop and obtain a temporary wristband to allow you to go to the Pavilion where registration is being held. This wristband will be removed in registration and replaced with a race weekend wristband. Anyone found in a restricted area with a temporary wristband will be removed from the premises. Wristbands issued by anyone other than SCORE are not valid for access. Registration Access The on-site Registration area is limited to persons entering the race as a participant and up to four (4) essential team persons. All must sign waivers and obtain a race weekend wristband. You can reduce the number of persons having to appear in person at on-site registration by utilizing the notarized Participant and a Stock UTV (if applicable) waiver form. You will find documentation on the use of notarized waiver forms by going to the Race Info page under the Baja 500 logo. To receive wristbands by mail, waiver forms must be received in the Registration office by Friday, September 4th. If forms are not received by the deadline, someone from the team will have to pick up wristbands at on-site registration. All Drivers of Record, Riders of Record, Co-drivers, Co-Riders, and Navigators not submitting a notarized waiver must appear in person to register. Waiver forms are also available for pickup in the SCORE Ensenada office. Essential team persons do not have to attend registration if they use the waiver form titled Controlled Access Area. Simply print this waiver form from the SCORE website, (select Race Info, the Baja 500, Waivers), and have up to four (4) persons sign this form. Bring these signed Controlled Access waiver forms to Registration. The Controlled Access waiver can be submitted with the signed notarized Participant waiver forms and wristbands will be mailed. All signatures must be original, you cannot have one person complete and sign for others. When you present the waiver form(s) to Registration, if any signature appears it is not original, you will not receive a wristband for that person. Controlled Access waiver forms are also available for pickup in the SCORE Ensenada office. All participants and essential team persons must sign waivers and be banded by Friday, September 25th at 4:00pm. There will be NO WRISTBANDS AVAILABLE AT THE FINISH AREA ENTRANCE. Wristbands must be obtained during Registration hours. For registration assistance contact Audi at 775.852-8907 or Team Vehicle Passes Each registered race team will receive two (2) vehicle passes. One must be placed on the race vehicle. This includes motorcycles and Quads. The other is for use on a chase or personal vehicle (including UTV’s) and applied on the lower left area of the front windshield Qualifying Access All persons must have SCORE issued wristbands and SCORE issued vehicle passes. Qualifying will be divided into groups and each group will be assigned an arrival time as all classes will not be in the area at the same time. A schedule and qualifying order will be emailed to the team by September15th at 5:00 pm. There will be a team parking area and a restricted access area. Banded team members and essential persons will be allowed into the parking area. Only the driver, co-driver, and two (2) essential team members will be allowed in the restricted area. After completion of a qualifying run, each team will proceed to an interview area within the restricted area. Once your interview is complete all team members must leave the restricted area. All race participants and essential team members must exit the parking area within 30 minutes after the last vehicle in the group completes their qualifying run. Pre-Tech Access These functions will be at or near El Dorado Ranch. The actual location and restricted access requirements will be available prior to September 10th. Tech/Contingency Access Only banded race participants and banded essential team members will be permitted in the area on Thursday and Friday. No spectators will be allowed. You must go to registration prior to placing your vehicle at the entrance. The top 10 Trophy Truck qualifiers will start the line on Friday. Baja 500 Start Area All race vehicles must enter El Dorado Ranch under their own power, no trailers allowed, and starting Driver/Co-Drivers (Navigators), Rider, Co-Riders must be in or on the vehicle. Only the race vehicle and one (1) chase/personal vehicle with a SCORE team parking sticker will be permitted entry into El Dorado. However, once the vehicle enters the restricted start area only the participants starting the race will be allowed. Baja 500 Finish Area Only banded race participants finishing in or on a vehicle will be allowed in the finish area. There is one exception: Each team may request one (1) wristband for access to the finish area. This wristband will be of a different color and will allow one of the team’s essential persons or one of the banded participants to access the finish area. The wristband does not allow ramp access in the finish area. Wristband is Tyvek (paper); do not put it on until you are headed to the finish area. If you lose or damage the one-use wristband, it CANNOT be replaced! There will be NO WRISTBANDS AVAILABLE AT THE FINISH AREA ENTRANCE. Wristbands must be obtained during registration hours. One chase/personal vehicle with a SCORE team parking sticker will be allowed in the parking area, however: only the person with the special access wristband may exit the vehicle. No trailers are allowed. When a vehicle finishing the race comes down off the finish interview ramp, stop but do not exit the vehicle. You will be handed the team finisher medals. If you are the first official finisher, you will receive your Champagne and flag. Then immediately move forward to the photo/interview area. There will be a brief time allotted for interviews. When interviews are complete or SCORE staff directs you to leave the area, exit El Dorado and meet up with your team off property. SCORE Team Media Credentials SCORE Team Media Credential request applications are now online (under SCORE Media tab on the SCORE Website) and will be open until 8 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 11. There will be no on-site SCORE Team Media credential requests accepted, only signing in the pre registered individuals. Because of the health and safety protocols, access to designated media areas will be limited. Awards Trophy pick-up will be at The Pavilion at El Dorado Ranch; only the Driver/Rider of Record or one person representing the team may enter the Pavilion to pick up the award. All other individuals must remain outside. 2020 SCORE Baja 500 Official Sponsors Associate Sponsors

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