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2020 LED LIGHTING GUIDE Give your off-road vehicle a brighter future with a variety of the latest in LED lighting technology By Mike Vieria Off-road lighting is a key element on any vehicle, but deciding which light to use and where to place it can be confusing. With so many sizes and specific purposes for adding lights to any four and two-wheeled off-road vehicle, we asked various lighting manufacturers to showcase their latest designs and what areas or zones they illuminate. We’ve helped make the decision process easier by categorizing them into the various types of lights that can help you decide on what might work best on your truck, SUV, motorcycle or UTV. Perhaps one of the most popular sets of lights for any four-wheeled off-road vehicle is a light bar. These single or double rows of LED lights come in a variety of lengths and can fit on the roof-line, front bumper or anywhere forward facing on the vehicle. Light bars improve forward vision but the latest designs can include spot and wide angle illumination. RIGID INDUSTRIES ADAPT MULTI-FUNCTION LED LIGHT BAR The Adapt LED Light Bar can change beam patterns instantly according to conditions using patented Active View LED Technology to offer 8 selectable options, ranging from a 90-degree short distance beam to a tightly focused 15-degree long distance spot beam, which automatically changes with vehicle speed, or by the driver. Additionally, Adapt bars have built-in accent lighting that can be set to any color. Available in 10”, 30”, 40”, and 50” lengths. MSRP for a 20-inch bar is $1469.99. RIGID INDUSTRIES RADIANCE PLUS LIGHT BAR WITH RED BACKLIGHT The Radiance Plus LED Light Bar with Backlighting offers Broad Spot Optics that combine the attributes of spot and flood patterns. Recent upgrades provide up to 35% more output than before. Backlighting is independently controlled. Available in 10”, 20”, 40”, and 50” lengths, and with a choice of amber, blue, green, or white backlighting options. MSRP for a 30-inch bar is $545.99. BAJA DESIGNS ONX6 HYBRID LED AND LASER LIGHT BAR Baja Design’s OnX6 Hybrid LED and Laser Light Bar can project light 350% farther than the conventional OnX6 light bar. It uses laser chips and LED chips through a High Speed Spot optic for a far-reaching, smooth blend of light. Housing is an aircraft grade anodized aluminum with replaceable hard coated polycarbonate, and lens. Lamp is waterproof and submersible. Available in sizes up to 50-inches. MSRP ranges from $999.95 for a 10-inch bar to $4,099.95 for a 50-inch bar. ONX6+ LED LIGHT BAR Baja Design’s OnX6+ LED Light Bar is 69 percent brighter than the previous generation OnX6, and integrates the trademarked High Speed Spot for the longest projection. Featuring an aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens, the bar is available in 10-inch to 50-inch lengths, with straight or curved rails and with driving/combo, wide driving, high-speed spot, or Racer Edition spot patterns. MSRP ranges from $429.95 to $1,999.95. KC HILITES GRAVITY PRO6 LED LIGHT BAR KITS KC HiLites’ Gravity Pro6 LED Light Bar Kits are available in 20-inch to 57-inch lengths, accommodating from 3 to 9 Gravity Pro6 lamps. The optics are configured with driving and wide beam patterns for distance and peripheral vision. KC’s Infinity Ring system provides adjustable linking and expandable width. MSRP ranges from $779.99 to $2,049.99. LIGHTFORCE Single & Dual Row LED Light Bars Lightforce’s LED Light Bars are available in configurations from 10-inches to 50-inches, and in combination or flood patterns with up to 400W of power. Constructed with extruded aluminum housings with black anodized coating and hard coated polycarbonate lenses. MSRP ranges from $219.00 to $1,499.00. VISION X UNITE MODULAR LED LIGHT BAR SYSTEM Vision X’s new Unite Series Modular LED Light Bar allows for endless configurations with a quick-connect mounting rail system. Each module features a 4-LED precision-optic design in 8 different styles with up to 2100 lumens per module. Rails available in straight lengths ranging from 6 to 50-inches, and curved lengths from 20 to 50-inches. MSRP for preconfigured bars with lights ranges from $177.00 to $1,271.00. PIAA RF SERIES LIGHT BAR PIAA RF Series Light Bars use Reflector Facing Technology (RFT) to harness and control all the output of the LEDs, providing more light from less power, and are SAE approved for road use. Available in driving, hybrid, or fog beam patterns in white or yellow, and in 6, 10, or 18-inch, sizes. Prices include one lamp, wiring harness, relay, and switch at $299 for 6-inch, $399 for 10-inch, and $599 for 18-inch. : PIAA QUAD SERIES LIGHT BAR The Quad Series Light Bars use Quad 3D Reflector Optics to maximize light coverage for long range as well as foreground areas, and are offered in spot or combination patterns. These lamps use two rows of 3-watt LEDs and are available in 12-inch, 20-inch, and 30-inch lengths with outputs ranging from 72 to 180 total watts. MSRP of $149 for 12-inch, $199 for 20-inch, and $299 for 30-inch. DELTA 9540 HI-POWER LED LIGHT BAR The 9540 Hi-Power Mono Mount LED Light Bar universally mounts to any vehicle with just one bolt. The black, low-profile, round aluminum bar is 15 inches long and easily fits between most bumpers and grilles. It includes two long-distance LED lamps producing a total of 16,000 raw lumens. MSRP is $282.86. 9542 TUBULAR LED LIGHT BAR The 9542 Tubular LED Light Bar universally mounts to any 2-inch round bar, such as a grille guard, push bar, or roll cage. The 15-inch bar is powder-coated aluminum, and includes two of Delta’s 45H Series driving lights putting out a total of 16,000 raw lumens. MSRP is $304.95. Driving and fog lights provide improved forward views in harsh conditions. Driving lights typically are installed in the front of the vehicle and feature a narrow beam to illuminate the area ahead. Fog lights have a flat and wide beam that allow better vision during heavy dust, snow and fog, and are pointed low for drivers to see the road and lane they are in. PIAA LP560 LED DRIVING LIGHT PIAA’s LP560 Driving Light uses Rear Facing Technology and are constructed with cast aluminum housings and polycarbonate lenses. The vibration and water-resistant lamps measure just under 6-inches in diameter and 3 and 5/8-inches deep. MSRP is $399.00. LIGHTFORCE HTX2 DRIVING LIGHT - Lightforce’s HTX2 Driving Light uses a 50W HID fast-start bulb, surrounded by 80W of LEDs. Independently switched three-mode operation gives complete control of short, mid-range, and long distance lighting. MSRP is $1,300. LIGHTFORCE STRIKER LED DRIVING LIGHT The Striker LED Driving Light puts out 11,250 raw lumens per pair and is designed for water and dust-resistant performance in rugged environments. MSRP is $475.00. RIGID INDUSTRIES SR-SERIES PRO DOT/SAE 6-INCH SELECTIVE YELLOW FOG LAMP The SR-Series Pro DOT/SAE 6-Inch Selective Yellow Fog Lamp reduces glare and improves contrast and definition. Lamps provide a 70-degree-wide beam spread and are street legal. MSRP is $440.99 per pair. RIGID INDUSTRIES 360-SERIES 4-INCH DOT/SAE FOG LAMP - The 360-Series DOT/SAE 4-Inch Fog Lamp features a 70-degree-wide beam spread for lighting the way in dust, fog, and other low-visibility situations. They also feature independently controlled backlighting in a choice of colors. MSRP is $449.99 per pair. DELTA BOLT 500 LED DRIVING LIGHT The Bolt 500 LED Driving Light is designed with professional racing in mind, and uses high power 8,000 lumen LEDs. It utilizes a 20-gauge, rivet-free, stainless steel housing with precision glass optics. Available in black powder coat or triple chrome plate. Lamp is water, dust, and vibration-resistant. MSRP is $194.22 per pair. BOLT 800 LED DRIVING LIGHT The Bolt 800 High Power LED Driving Light uses 8,000 lumen LEDs and is 8 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches deep. Constructed with a polypropylene housing and precision glass optics. MSRP is $158.50 each. Light pods are compact, but very bright LED lights that can be used to light forward, rear, side and more. Because they are small, they can be easily mounted just about anywhere on any vehicle, including the A-pillar on trucks and SUVs, as well as on UTV roll cages and motorcycle frames to illuminate ahead or around corners. Some are integrated into side mirrors that provide additional space savings and the ability for forward or side illumination. SECTOR SEVEN SPECTRUM LED LIGHT MIRRORS Sector Seven’s Spectrum LED Light Mirrors provide 8,000 lumens of 210-degree illumination. The machined billet aluminum housings have removable bezels for color matching, and mirrors have adjustable breakaway action and can rotate 180 degrees to light up to the rear and sides of your vehicle for work. While designed primarily for UTVs, mirrors have universal mounting options to fit almost any vehicle. MSRP is $799.95. BAJA DESIGNS LP4 The LP4 is a small light measuring just over 5 inches in diameter generating 8,750 lumens, with a beam spread of 200 degrees. Constructed with an aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens, and stainless steel bracket and hardware. Available as driving/combo beam or high-speed spot beam. MSRP is $849.95. BAJA DESIGNS S1 The S1 Lamp from Baja Designs is a small, versatile light for use on UTVs and motorcycles. Measuring 2.1 inches in length, width, and height, and weighing 0.4 pounds, it has an output of 2,375 lumens and it’s available in spot, cornering in clear or yellow. MSRP is $208.95 per pair. RIGID INDUSTRIES 360-SERIES 6-INCH SPOT BEAM The 360-Series 6-Inch Spot Beam round LED lights project a narrow, long range beam for high-speed use. Lamps also offer backlighting in a choice of colors. Lights are IP-68 compliant for dust and water resistance, and are also available with driving or diffuse patterns, as well as SAE-approved fog beam. MSRP is $579.99. D-SERIES PRO FLOODLIGHT The D-Series PRO Floodlight measures just 3”x3” for use as an area light for trailers and service vehicles, a motorcycle or UTV light, a reverse lamp for trucks, and any other place where a compact, powerful light is needed. MSRP is $209.99. PIAA QUAD EDGE The new Quad Edge is designed to provide nearly a 180-degree beam spread of even foreground lighting, along with a long-range driving beam. The lamp uses 10 front-facing LEDs in a compact, less-than- 4-inch square package. MSRP is $199.00. Mounted in or behind a factory front grille, these lights blend into the vehicle’s forward fascia to provide additional forward lighting. Many light manufacturers provide lighting that fits into the factory grille or bumper, and may offer their own replacement bolt-in grille that fits in the factory location. RIGID INDUSTRIES STEALTH MOUNTS FOR 2017-2018 FORD RAPTOR Stealth Grill Mounts for the 2017-2018 Ford Raptor allow mounting of two 6-inch SR Series Rigid lights behind the grille. Mounts are stainless steel with black powder coat finish. MSRP is $149.99, not including lights. RIGID INDUSTRIES POLARIS RZR TURBO Rigid’s Grille for the 2017+ Polaris RZR Turbo allows easy mounting of a Rigid 10-Inch SR-Series PRO Light Bar. The laser cut grille is stainless steel and powder coated black for durability. MSRP is $349.99, not including light. BUMPER MOUNT KIT FOR 2016-2017 TOYOTA TACOMA Rigid’s Bumper Mount Kit for the 2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma allows easy mounting of a Rigid 30-inch SR-Series Hybrid Combo Light Bar in the bumper cavity. Constructed of stainless steel with a black powder-coat finish. MSRP is $129.99, not including light. BaJa Designs 30-INCH S8 GRILLE MOUNT KIT FOR 2017-2020 FORD RAPTOR The Grille Mounting Kit for the 2017-2020 Ford Raptor allows easy bolt-on installation of a 30-Inch S8 Driving/Combo Light Bar. No cutting or drilling is required, and includes an S8 light bar with 19,050 lumens. MSRP is $974.95. BaJa Designs 30-INCH S8/ONX6+ GRILLE MOUNT KIT FOR 2018-2019 GMC 2500/3500HD The Grille Mounting Kit for the 2018-2019 GMC 2500/3500 allows easy bolt-on installation of a 30-inch S8 or 30-inch OnX6+ Light Bar, concealed behind the grille. No drilling or cutting is required. Available with the 30-inch S8 Driving/Combo light for MSRP of $949.95, or with 30-inch OnX6+ Driving/Combo light for MSRP of $1,374.95. One of the popular upgrades for Baja-style vehicles is the addition of Rock Lights. These are mounted in the vehicle’s wheel wells to provide light during pit stops. They are also used on trucks, SUVS, UTVs and especially Jeeps to help the driver see obstacles for tire placement during slow rock crawling. LIGHTFORCE NIGHTFALL ROK 9 LED WORK LIGHT The Nightfall ROK 9 LED Work Light is a versatile and compact unit with three 3W LEDs to produce a broad volume of neutral white light. The sealed, cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens make the rugged ROK 9 water and dust-resistant in tough conditions. MSRP is $42.00 each. KC HILITES CYCLONE 6-LIGHT LED ROCK LIGHT KIT The Cyclone 6-Light LED Rock Light Kit resists moisture and dust, and provides six 2.2-inch diameter lights with floodlight patterns. Available in clear, amber, red, blue, or green. MSRP is $282.99. RIGID INDUSTRIES RIGID ROCK LIGHT KITS The 4-Light Rock Light Kit and 6-Light Rock Light Kit use Rigid’s powerful, durable A-Series lights with aluminum housings and polycarbonate lenses for illumination. Kit includes 30-degree-angled mounting pads, 15-foot wiring leads, wiring harness, and all mounting hardware. Available in white, blue, green, red, or amber. MSRP is $367.99 for 4-light kit, and $503.99 for 6-light kit. BaJa Designs ROCK LIGHTS Baja Design’s Rock Lights are available individually or in a set of four. Each waterproof light generates 400 lumens and projects a 180-degree arc of light. Individual lights include tube mounts, while the set includes four lamps and pre-cut wiring harness. Available in white, amber, blue, green, or red. MSRP for individual light is $64.95, MSRP for a set of four is $334.95. Many older vehicles came equipped with halogen or incandescent headlights. Lighting manufacturers offer replacement high-powered LEDs as an upgrade. Some may include a complete high-impact light housing with LEDs, or an LED bulb that replaces the factory unit. NITERIDER CORSAIR HEADLIGHT The NiteRider Corsair Headlight fits a wide variety of motorcycle and powersports applications. Utilizing 6 LEDs, it puts out 6,000 raw lumens and is constructed with an aircraft-grade aluminum housing, a stainless steel mount, and custom reflectors. They are IP-64 water and dust resistant, and able to withstand one-meter drop tests. MSRP is $299.99. PRO ADV 4200 HEADLIGHTS Pro ADV 4200 Headlights put 8,400 Lumens (4,200 each) of lighting power. Suitable for use on motorcycles or ATVs, the lamps have low, high, and daytime running light functions and are IP-64 water and dust resistant, and withstand a one-meter drop test. MSRP is $599.99. RIGID INDUSTRIES 7-INCH ROUND LED HEADLIGHT KIT WITH PWM ADAPTER- The 7-Inch Round LED Headlight Kit with anti-flicker PWM adapter is a solid state, bulb-free design that resists damage from shock and vibration. The DOT-compliant lights use metalized reflectors in an aluminum housing, and hard-coated polycarbonate lenses. MSRP is $606.99 per pair. The company also makes a 7-Inch Round Heated LED Headlight Kit that uses heated lenses for complete surface melting of ice and snow when temperatures drop below 50-degrees F. DOT-compliant lights use metalized reflectors in an aluminum housing, and polycarbonate lenses. MSRP is $734.99 per pair.

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