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THERE ARE MANY WAYS to approach lacing the netting on a set of hockey goal frames, however the following highlights a few tricks of the trade that if done prop- erly time and again, might just land you the job each time it needs to be done! STEP 1: Remove the old nets and repaint the goal frames Start this process by cutting off the old nets. Typically, nets need to be replaced after two seasons. Take some time at this point to inspect the goal frames. Check the welds and ensure that the frames are in good shape for another season. Prior to lacing a new set up nets, consider sand- blasting and powder coating the frames. If repairs are necessary, they should be performed after the sandblasting. Powder coat the cross bar and goal posts fire engine red. All other posts are powder coated white. Once repainted, this set would become the game nets for the season, replacing the game nets from last season which become the practice nets. With this type of rotation staff will only need to lace one set of nets each season. STEP 2: Materials needed Included with your net purchase will be the nets, interior pads, skirting and lac- ing cord. It is never a bad idea to order extra lacing cord. Running out while lac- ing is frustrating and additional repairs may need to be made throughout the season. Beyond these materials, addi- tional items include: 3 - five-gallon buckets 1 - chair (on casters) 1 - self-lighting torch head and propane bottle 1 - bag of cable ties 1 - multi-tool (pliers and knife) 1 - iPod with several playlists (seriously, this project takes a while!) 26 / SEPTEMBER.OCTOBER.2020 USICERINKS.COM Lace 'Em Up! A step-by-step guide to lacing hockey nets // by Cory Portner, CIRM THERE ARE SEVERAL KNOTS THAT CAN BE USED FOR THE INITIAL ANCHOR LOCATION. THE KEY IS TO FIND A KNOT THAT PULLS TIGHT WHEN PRESSURE IS APPLIED.

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